Finding the Right Computerized Home Security Systems

We’ve all had it happen: the door-to-door sales guy comes up to the house and has an outstanding offer on his computerized home security systems. What makes his computerized home security system better? What services does a good set of computerized home security systems provide? How much should you really be paying in installation and ongoing monitoring fees? The salesman at your door doesn’t want you to have this information – he has contracts in his hand to make a quick sale. Therefore it is up to you to know what to be looking for if you are in the market for some upgraded home security.

More Is Not Always Better

Many computerized home security systems sell you on the amount of services they can install, from motion detectors to sound detectors to door and window alarms. What they do not tell you in the sales pitch, however, is that after a preset number of installations, each additional feature costs an additional ongoing monitoring fee. Therefore, knowing your home’s setup and what effective security for your home looks like is to your benefit. For instance, could two motion detectors and two sound detectors to detect breaking glass be more effective than 14 door and window monitors?

Watch Out For Hidden Fees

Computerized home security systems can be confusing when it comes to their price structure. After all, there are up-front fees, system installation fees, ongoing monthly monitoring fees, accessory fees, and even potential cancellation fees. When considering the right security system for you, make sure to look for a pricing structure that lays out all the costs up front. A company trying to hide fees is a company to avoid. A good company providing computerized home security systems should also be willing to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason without postage or restocking fees.

Computerized Home Security Systems With Updating Technology Is Worth It

Computerized home security systems have been around for decades, and let’s face it – thieves know how to get around old technologies. That means you should look for an interactive monitoring option when considering computerized home security systems. These let you keep an eye on the house through the Internet, your cell phone, or even your PDA while you are away from home. This not only gives you a certain peace of mind that your home safe, but with this feature you can potentially expand the network of those who can help protect your home, like giving family and friends permission to receive alerts if there is an alarm at your home.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do It Yourself!

With modern technologies, installing your own computerized home security systems can be a snap. With a few bucks and a couple hours on the weekend, you can install your system where you want it, not have to worry about holes being drilled into your walls, and you can get the coverage that you want, when you want it. With cellular monitoring of your system, you can be the one doing the ongoing monitoring and save on yet another fee. Local consultants in your area have the equipment and expertise to help if you need it.

Installing computerized home security systems does not have to cost a fortune – in fact, it can be done rather cheaply, sometimes with no upfront costs, and can set your mind at ease that your home and your loved ones will be better protected.