Finding Where to Write


Freelance authors online have always had a hard slog, but now it is only getting harder.

The new ‘Panda’ update from Google has decreased the number of content mills and website owners that are willing to pay for writing, just as the economy in the US has taken a nosedive – increasing the number of people who want to earn some extra money by writing online. But, freelance writers don’t have to chuck it all in and get a job at 7 – 11. There are freelance jobs out there, but now finding those jobs is almost a full-time job itself.

If you are stuck finding online writing opportunities, here are a few options that can help you.

Freelance Writing Sites

Yes, established freelancing sites have taken a hit, but they are still out there. Requirements for being accepted as a new writer are often more stringent than before, but good quality writing is always needed.

Constant-Content has a good reputation as a freelancing site and can offer the writer some opportunities for payment. There are other sites out there, but try to stay away from the project-by-auction sites where the payment is horrible and many assignments are scams.

Check Out the Forums

Forums are not just a good place to learn and share ideas, they can also land you writing jobs. Sites like Digital Point have members that are active in website publish and are always looking for help on their websites. If you are an active member of these types of forums, website owners will get to know who you are and will feel more confident hiring you for any freelance writing they may need.

Forums are also a great place to hear about new websites days or weeks before they are launched. You can write a message to the owner of one of these websites and inquiry about the possibility of freelancing for these new site.

Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business Site

More established writer, with a lot of clips and maybe even a reputation, may want to start his own freelance writing website. Choosing to make your own website will increase the amount of money which you will receive for your writing assignments,

If you choose to make your own website for promoting your freelance writing, you need to make sure that your site is professional. If you are not an Internet guru, this will mean that you are going to need to invest in a professional template or web designer for your site. Having your own writing site will also mean hosting fees.

Remember if you have your own website, you will spend hours every week promoting it, responding to email queries and billing your clients. Think long and hard before you start your own site.