Finding Your Place In The World

Why is it that we always need to do something? We seem to never be happy just being where we are when we are there. We might look back with fond memories of time past, yet while living those times we are constantly looking forward to the next step. It is not wrong to want to improve ones life, but it should never be done at the exspense to living in the moment at hand.

I do not say all of this to degrade or renounce anyones choice of life style. I simply want to give you the chance at a perspective that has change my life in such positive ways. By enjoying each day for what it is I have finally gained an insight into what I want out of this life. I have found that reading and writing have become passions upon which I can find supreme enjoyment. The irony of this is that I have always enjoyed them, but I have let the need to always do something else keep me from taking the time to enjoy my passions for what they are.

This view works for anyone and any ideas. Trust me when I say people do not veiw me as one who who love something like reading and writing. My years of college were marked more by girls and sports than most college students could boast, but these things while entertaing were just ways for me to keep moving. You could say that I did enjoy these things in the moment, but I can barely decribe most of these events with anything more than a distant recolection. On the other hand, I can still tell you about every time a pen became alive in my hand and a book stole days away from me. I only wish I would have lived in those moments and it would not have taken me so long to find my place in the world.

All of this said; you do not have to continue to do something simply because you have always done it. By stoping and enjoying each moment in the now and here you have a chance to really begin to understand yourself and what you want from this life. Remeber to keep your mind open and not let what other people think or believe get in the way of what you feel is right. In the end, you will find your place in this world if you honestly live each day of your life for the amazing time that it is.