Finishing And Furnishing Your Condo Without Spending Much

Condominium buildings are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Living in condominium units is quickly becoming the more preferred option of many people versus living in a typical house. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits of living in a condo.

Some people who only need a temporary place to live in simply rent from a condo unit. It is not difficult to find a condo unit that you can rent because a lot of condo buyers purchase their units for the sole purpose of renting out. But with the affordability and easy payment schemes that are offered with these condo units nowadays, a lot of people are likewise choosing to buy instead of rent.

However, whether you are buying a condo in Manila or Makati here in Philippines, majority of these are sold unfinished and unfurnished. This means that you will get your condo bare and with very minimal fixtures and it is up to the owner to finish and furnish the condo. If you are planning to buy a condo in Taft or anywhere else, below are some ideas to help you furnish your condo on a budget.

  • Choose durable materials. Nowadays, durable does not necessarily mean expensive. When choosing your finishing materials, make sure that you go for the durable yet affordable ones. One very popular material that is durable yet affordable are laminates. They are also very easy to clean so even if you rent out your unit, these can last a long time.
  • Ask for furniture donations. Ask your family and friends for any furniture or other materials you can use on your condo that they will not need anymore. Not only will you save a lot but your condo unit will be made up of contributions from people you love and care for, bringing the sentimental value of your unit higher.
  • Go to garage sales. What other people do not want anymore may just be perfect for your condo unit. Be on the lookout for garage sales and for any family in your neighborhood who is planning to move out soon. For as long as you inspect the furniture closely, you might be able to find really good pieces.
  • Go to freebie sites. There are also websites you can go to where people unload their stuff. Some of these sites are,, and, among others. Just like with garage sales, just make sure to inspect the item closely and you can find some that are in really good condition.