News Firearms and Self Defense How Many Women Own Firearms?

Firearms and Self Defense How Many Women Own Firearms?


When it comes to women and firearms , how many women own guns for self defense? I was talking to coworkers about the off the wall behavior of some mutual female friends when one of my coworkers mentioned that all of these women owned a number of guns. It turns out they developed an affinity for firearms while serving in the military or while working as law enforcement officers. I’m not talking about popguns either. Reportedly there were pictures of these women posing with their arsenals. So how many women actually own guns for self defense?

Women Are Buying Guns

No one knows exactly how many American women own guns but the number seems to be growing according to an August 8, 2011 report by the In the report 70% of gun shop owners reported more females buying firearms in 2009. In the study, conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Southwick Associates, of the women that responded to the study, 80 percent of the female gun-buyers said they purchased a gun for self-defense, followed by 35 percent for target practice and 24 percent for hunting. Apparently, women that own guns for self defense are more common than we think.

A Magazine About Magazines

Women and guns is also the title of the magazine Women and Gun s Magazine appropriately enough dedicated to women and guns. has a link to “Women and Guns Magazine – A History In Covers.” According to the site, the link is to “20 years of magazine covers illustrating the growth of the first and only firearms publication for women.” According to, “Women & Guns is the only publication in the world designed, written and edited for women that own firearms.” It goes on to say that, each bi-monthly issue of Women and Guns Magazine focuses heavily on personal protection with practical gun reviews, concealed carry strategies and training tips in every issue-subjects that also make it popular with male gun owners.”

Annie Get Your Gun

In November of 2011 South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright, raised eyebrows when he publicly encouraged women to purchase firearms for self defense. Sheriff Wrights county has one of the highest crime rates in the state. Many of the crimes committed in Spartanburg County involve attacks on women where firearms were used. Spartanburg is also one of the highest populated areas in the state.

You Feelin’ Lucky Punk?

Women and firearms seems to be a growing trend that no one has a firm number on. Many of us have been leery of the stereotypical thug when Thelma and Louise may be the real danger when it comes to women and firearms. One lesson to be learned from this is that you can’t take it for granted that a woman doesn’t have a firearm and is defenseless and vulnerable. That could be a big mistake. You might want to ask the question ‘When it comes to women and self defense, how many women own guns?

Firearms and Self Defense How Many Women Own Firearms?

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Firearms and Self Defense How Many Women Own Firearms?
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