First Apartment Kitchen Set-Up

The day is coming when your beautiful little baby announces they are moving into their own place. They are grown adults taking their first steps to independence and joining the rat race. No matter how much you want to forbid it, you know it will do no good. You knew this day is approaching and no matter what you do it will take you by surprise. Instead of resisting it, I suggest you embrace the opportunity to prepare them and yourself for the big event. In the long run, you will be the hero instead of the villan they are escaping from.

The most overlooked room in the set-up of a first apartment is the kitchen. Between their bed, their clothing and an old chair or two, the soon to be tenant feels they have everything they need to set-up house as they embark on their new adventure. It is not until everything is in place and they begin to get hungry that reality sets in that they have nothing to eat and nothing to cook it in. They can’t even boil water to brew a cup of tea or make their Ramen noodle dinner. Don’t be suprised when they show up just in time for dinner because they already miss you so much. Even if this is what you were hoping for this to happen, it will get old very fast. Since it costs much more than they had budgeted for their move, there is no money to buy groceries for the rest of the month. I foresee a very expensive trip to Ikea, Target or Walmart in your near future.

You could have avoided this messy situation and helped your offspring feather their nest for little to no cost had you planned ahead. Before the big announcement, make a list of the kitchen essentials you use most often. Include all the basics like dishes, cups, glasses, flatwear, pots, pans, casserole dish, butcher knife, mixing bowls, wooden spoons, toaster and blender. You get the idea. Next, go through your kitchen and pack up any duplicate items or things you no longer use. If you have been contemplating replacing your chipped and mismatched tableware, pack it up for their new apartment and get yourself the new set you want. Tell Aunt Sally and Grandma what you are doing, they may have some great contributions. Stop by estate sales for high end kitchen stuff for pennies on the dollar. Jot down a few recipes of their favorite dishes and tuck them into the boxes as you pack them.

When the big day arrives, surprise your young adult with their complete kitchen set-up kit packed and ready to move with them. You will look smarter than you have ever looked before to them. The best part is that they will think about you and smile everytime they enter their kitchen.