Fiscal responsiblity starts at home before we blame government

Seems like a day doesnt go by without hearing in the news how irresponsible our government is with our money. We hear of movements or watch dog groups who want accountability for extreme excess government spending. Yet how many of these same groups of people carry a heavy debt themselves? Though it is unarguably true government spending habits are putting our country further closer into backruptcy such as Italy and Greece, they are not alone. The private sector spending habits have caused many families to go into bankruptcy. Are we to blame our government for that too? We as grown adults require us to be fiscal responsible with our credit and hold ourselves with the same accountability we hold our government. It is no secret government spends way too much, but so do we. If we already know this , and have been knowing this , why do we put ourselves further into misery by increasing our own debt in our household? Do we need 2.5 cars? The latiest electronic gadgets? Top of line clothing, jewelry? Amercian spending habits are to blame as well for the amount of backruptcies families , or individuals file for. Who pays the price for products and services that do not get paid? To a certain extend, everyone does. It is so easy to get a credit card out and make purchases on products or services, and so hard to pay the bill at the end of the month. We dont need government intervention here to tell us how to spend wisely, we just need some good old fiscal financial discipline. What we cant pay some one else will unwillingly if backruptcy occurs. Americans as parents must teach their children good sound financial habits that they can carry as adults. To teach children the difference between wanting and needing. To teach our children that credit is a previldge and not an entitlement. That credit should be used mostly for emergencies, and if used for anything else, that you have a good grasp on your economic future. I dare even say, that in grammer school, good fiscal responsibility classes should be taught to encourage good spending habits. So much of credit cards are so abused by the average person, it hurts the economy in industries when the bills cannot be paid. Workers cant be paid , and sometimes business’s close as a result. Isnt that the same thing the we are holding are government accountable for? The government cannot be held responsible for all of this countries financial problems. We must first start and look at ourselves and take responsiblity and look for the solutions for our own economic instability. China has recently said the the United States of America needs to live within its means, so is the case for the America people. Before we solve our govenment woes, we must first resolve our own fiscal spending habits. I believe this will trickle down to our government in one form or another. The average person in this age of information should do research into places where their money can do the most good for themselves and for the American economy. Such as investments, i.e. gold, and silver. The average person should seek ways to invest money that they have saved to live the kind of lfestyle in their golden age. But if no money have been saved to invest wisely, we will turn to watchdog groups for answers, and by then it may be too late. No one can get you out of a hole, you dug yourself in, except yourself..