Fisher Price Precious Planets Crib Bedding and More

Did you know that Fisher Price made baby bedding sets? They do! Many of their adorable prints from their high chairs and other cool baby stuff are available for the crib as well. Fisher Price Precious Planets crib bedding collection is one great example of this.

This earth friendly adorable theme is the perfect inspiration for any baby’s nursery. It is bright and colorful. You will find any and every animal that you could want to include in the decor of your little one’s room in this collection!

The even better part of this design is that there is big selection of Fisher Price Precious Planet items on sale that you can get to match your child’s bedding and nursery.

Fisher Price Precious Planets 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Fisher Price Precious Planet Crib BeddingThe comforter of this set includes all of the cool animals that you are going to find through out the bedding and accessories that go with this theme. The top of the picture is the Artic with a polar bear and penguin. The middle is the savannah with a monkey and a lion hanging out there. The bottom is the sea with a star fish, fish, and a crab.

This collection has a super affordable Precious Planets 4 piece crib bedding set that includes the comforter, fitted sheet, a dust ruffle, some fun wall art to match. There are plenty of other bedding pieces available separately from the set as well.

More Great Matching Baby Items

Fisher Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky JumperooThe Fisher Price Jumperoo is really one of those baby must have items for any new parents. Once your child is ready for it, this great toy will help to build muscle and entertain your little one for hours on end.

The Precious Planet Jumeperoo is just one of the great patterns that this item comes in. The company has done a great jump of incorporating the fun colors and animals of the theme into this piece.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Cradle 'n SwingThe Precious Planet Cradle n Swing is a great place to let your baby rock off to sleep. This baby swing offers two different swinging motions to help to soothe your little one. It has 6 different songs to entertain so that you will not get tired of hearing one tune over and over again.

This Cradle n Swing has a plug in option that helps to save money on buying batteries. It also saves parents from having to go in and wind up the swing as well.

The Fisher Price Precious Planet collection does not just stop with these three items. There is just about anything that you could want to match in this adorable print from a high chair to bath towels and much more. So make sure to get everything that you need to get ready for the arrival of the newest member of your family!

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