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Fishing Tips for Beginners

Exploring the great outdoors is one of the most fun things to do. Getting out there in the wilderness, where it is wild and rustic, away from all the people and the noises, can help one achieve a peace that is found nowhere else. Of course if you just go and sit in the woods, you can tend to get bored pretty easily, so while you are out there, drop your line in the water and try to pull out a brook trout, brown trout, or another species of fish. Just keep these fishing tips in mind.

It’s Not Just Luck

Sometimes when you go out fishing, there is luck involved. You happen to be in the right place at the right time. But landing a good fish is more than just luck, it is also about skill. The key is to know where the fish live, and what kind of bait or lure they are biting on. For instance, if you are going for brown trout in a Montana stream, you should know they spawn in the turbulent waters during the fall. Fishing tips like this can help keep you from throwing your line into empty water. Ask the locals if they have any good beta.

Know Your Species

Going fishing is one thing; going fishing for a particular species of fish is entirely different. For instance if you are going to fish for brown trout, but you bring tackle suited to catch northern pike, well, you’re going to have a bad time. So when heading to a particular fishing hole, know what species of fish is there, and plan your tackle accordingly.

Worms Almost Always Work

Whenever I go fishing, I make sure to bring at least a few worms. I will try out different lures and jigs, but if the fish aren’t biting, I resort to worms. Whether I am brook trout fishing, brown trout fishing, bass fishing or whatever, worms seem to do the trick. If you are looking for fancy fishing tips, know this: worms are your best friend. The bigger and plumper the better.

Know Your Bag Limit

Nothing is worse than going on a fishing trip and catching a lot of fish, only to have them taken away by the fish and game. On top of that you will get slapped with a hefty fine. Before you even throw the line in for the first time, know your bag limit and plan accordingly. Now if you are in Montana and fishing for brook trout, that limit is substantial; around 20 per person per day. But when you fish for brown trout, the limit is only 3; and often only one of them can be over 18 inches.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Fishing tips don’t have to be detailed or complicated. Sometimes the easiest way to enjoy your time on the lake, river, or stream is to keep it simple. Bring some worms, play a little, fish a little, and explore a lot. Getting back to nature is one of the most fun experiences you can have, and pulling in a brown trout, brook trout, or other species can put food on the table; so after reading these simple fishing tips get out there and hook the big one!

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