Five Benefits of Water Filters You Didn’t Know About

We have all been preached to on account of the never-ending benefits of drinking water, namely pure water. It’s the far and wide echoed vibe of bottled water makers around the globe. It’s a fact: water is great for your health and well being, and it’s advised that you drink about eight glasses of pure water each day for optimal health and longevity. Seeing as the human body is made up from mostly water, this is naturally good advice. However, it is sometimes also better to understand the benefits of pure drinking water that can be sustained from at-home water filters, which also help reduce the denigration of our fragile environment, as these filters eradicate the need for the production of waters at water facilities, which also contribute to environmental waste. Learn about five benefits associated with drinking at-home filtered water that you were previously unaware of.


It’s on all of our shoulders to make this world a sustainable one that will be giving to the next generation, our offspring. But bottle water, while satiable and refreshing, actually mars our environment. That’s because most water bottles end up landfills and not in the recycling bin. According to the Container Recycling Institute (CRI), more than 34 million water bottles end up in landfills each year; untold hundreds of millions litter roadways; and the cost is paid by the taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars (source: CRI).

Overall Cost:

While its temptingly convenient to purchase water by the bottle, especially in large quantities, how much money does this really save you? The average U.S. cost for bottled waters hovers around $4 per gallon, in par with the average price of gasoline fuel for car engines. Water purified using at-home filtration systems has a much more marginal cost of an estimated $.10 cents per gallon by comparison.

It’s More Convenient:

Most people would think that having water delivered to your home or packaged neatly in plastic bottles inside of your fridge or pantry would entail ultimate convenience. But what about when this water source runs dry, you forget to stop by the store, or the water delivery is delayed (or you run out of filtered water before the next delivery)? An in-home filtration process affords you the purified water you desire whenever you want it. For example, as opposed to going to the store, you can simply fill a glass from your filtering system instead.

Reduced Staining:

Water from the tap is filtered to meet exacting standards of the overseeing agencies that regulate its processing. However, it generally contains numerous mineral elements that leave a distinguishable staining on dishware, especially glass and stainless steel (commonly referred to as hard water stains). These elements are easily removed from the water with a the proper filtering system.

Better Taste:

The most powerful benefit from pure water, aside from the obvious health benefits, is a consistently better taste. While water is considered to be tasteless, it is in fact a flavorful beverage. Experts the world afar attest that properly filtered water contains fewer elements that impact or mar taste, for a more consistently flavored beverage.