Five Best Cities for Americans Living and Working Abroad

Immediately when Americans think of working and living abroad they imagine exotic areas in the world. These are locales where the sun is always shining and the beaches are full of white sand. This is not always necessarily the case. There are some cities around the world where the water is too diseased to drink and the humidity and temperature are almost triple digits. There are some terrific cities to live and work abroad if you know where to look.

Having the right information to know which locations are great for living and working abroad and what cities are not so great is wonderful when it comes to making an informed decision. Know what you are getting into before investing in what could be one of the biggest moves in your life.

These are five of the best cities in the world to work and live abroad for Americans;

1) London
London is one of the top five best places for any American considering living and working abroad. For many this is possibly the next best thing to being in the U. S. The United Kingdom has enormous culture and is littered with people from all over the world.

One of the biggest benefits to living in London is no language barrier. Although there are a number of different languages spoken around the city, the native language is English.

Great Britain is recognized as one of the largest financial powerhouses in the world. Wages for any career are higher than average for nearly any city in the world. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the country having an extremely expensive housing market and overall cost of living. Expect to pay more for groceries at the market.

2) Amsterdam
Amsterdam is ranked as number two of the top five places to consider living and working abroad. This Netherland city is terrific for business industries related to health and welfare, transport and trade and communication.

Compared with Great Britain living in Amsterdam is very inexpensive. In fact, compared with other cities in Europe, Amsterdam is one of the cheapest places to live and work abroad. Amsterdam does have unique housing guidelines and rules. Non Amsterdam citizens can expect to pay more for rental property. Landlords can charge whatever fee they see fit by law for non-citizens.

3) China (Shanghai and Beijing)
China does make the list of the top five best places for Americans living and working abroad because of the possibilities for work resources. Anyone in the IT industry, manufacturing, international markets and finance will have great business success in China. Most work is in two of the largest cities, Beijing or Shanghai.

Housing is on the expensive end of things. The average downtown digs will have an apartment with rent in the region of $1400 each month in Beijing and Shanghai is slightly cheaper averaging $1000.

4) Paris
Paris is always the dream destination for a number of American citizens because of the romance surrounding the city. The city does have an enormous amount of culture in art museums, plays, music and more. However, Paris also delivers huge job opportunities and other fun activities.

Jobs in Paris for individuals working abroad includes work in industries such as; manufacturing, electronics, textiles, chemicals, automobiles as well as aircraft. Engineers will do extremely well in the City of Light.

If you are searching for housing expect the City of Light to make your wallet a little lighter. A one bedroom apartment in downtown Paris runs on the order of about $1300.

5) Sydney
Sydney is a location which attracts a number of industries and rounds out the top five. There is an abundance of natural resources available along with the gigantic market potential for nearly everything. Sydney has seen a little higher cost of living over the last couple of years. An average apartment in downtown Sydney will cost roughly speaking $600 a week or $2400 a month.

In conclusion
Although a number of the cities mentioned seem to have a higher cost of living for housing, the majority of jobs pay a higher wage to accommodate the difference. Wages are paid typically in the native currency. For an example, Great Britain workers are paid in Pounds or Euros which have more spending power than the dollar on most days.

Other benefits that should be considered for the best cities for Americans living and working abroad are the crime rate, cultural activities, public transportation and acceptance of foreigners. All of these conditions come into play when searching for the right place to live and work whether an American family or single person. Families may also look into child care and schools if they have children that will use these services. Even whether or not you have to sell your home can weigh into a living and working abroad decision.

This is information to help Americans avoid any cities that are not great to live and work abroad in. Making an informed decision or educated choice for moving a home and work to a new city outside of the country is important. This verdict should not be taken lightly for any business and personal future.

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