Five Best Modern Furniture Restoration Ideas

With the online restoration craze taking place, you no longer need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on purchasing brand new furniture. Instead try goodwill, garage sales or take a look at what you already have in the house. For a minimum amount of money and a little extra effort, you can obtain the style and beauty of brand new furniture. Gone are the days of tossing your old ugly furniture in the garbage. Instead, try one of these modern furniture restoration ideas.

Modern Furniture

1. If your furniture is in good condition or an antique, then consider a straight renovation. This type of renovation usually involves sanding, repairing edges, staining and upholstering. If you have an antique, be careful what you choose to do. Certain renovations can actually decrease its value. Make sure to research what the piece used to look like and try to restore it to its previous condition.

2. If you have uneven or damaged surfaces, try a faux finish. Faux finishes can be playful or elegant. This is usually done by adding a different styles and painting techniques over a base color. A favorite style that is easy to do at home is the crackle finish. You can also create the look of stone, marble and even leather with the right materials and time. Be sure to practice any technique you are not familiar with before applying it to the furniture.

3. The best option for some furniture is to repaint. The proper term would be a custom paint job. This is a good option if the old finish is too hard to remove or the faux finish is too busy of a style for your preference. Applying two coats should do the trick and make your outdated furniture look brand new again. If you are really creative, you could add carvings, or embellishments.

4. If the furniture you are using has cloth, consider a reupholster renovation. Start by tracing the size and shape of the seat and removing the old fabric. If the padding is old or bumpy, replace it. Then fold a piece of new fabric over the cushion and staple it down.

5. The last restoration tip is to be prepared and clean your work area. Whatever you are planning to restore, be sure to have a properly lit work area. Also, make sure your room is dust and wind free. If you are painting, dust or debris sticking on your furniture could ruin your project. Keep it clean, use drop clothes and keep a wet rag on hand for any mistakes. Lastly, have all the supplies you need for the project on hand. There is nothing more aggravating than getting to work and having to search for your supplies.

Restoring old furniture is not only a great way to be creative, and personalize your furniture; it’s also an inventive way to save money. Preserving your furniture, instead of buying new, allows ensures years of future use and the creation of a family heirloom. Contact master clean ltd for furniture restoration in Halifax area.