News Five Effective Ways to Promote With Custom Labels

Five Effective Ways to Promote With Custom Labels


Custom labels can be an effective way to promote your business or product. You see them everywhere; t-shirts, bumper stickers even coffee mugs are used every day to promote a product or a service. And the best thing about this type of advertisement is that it comes at a really low price when you take into account the amount of exposure you can get. You can use some of that cheap advertisement and here are the five most effective ways.

Get Your Logo

Before you decide on what to print and where to print it, you should really get to the design of the logo for your company or service. The thing about a logo is that people remember it and after a few people have seen it they will recognize it even without the name of the company attached to it. A logo also catches the eye, so it has to be something that you are happy with and that people will remember. Be memorable and eye catching, but don’t be too loud on your design.

Where To Print It

Custom labels can go on several items. The question on where to print your logo and label depends on what your company does. If you sell office supplies for example a coffee mug may be worth the printing as some people take the business related information to work without even thinking about it. A professional can help you with your choices on where you should print your label.

What Kind Of Label

Take into consideration who will be seeing your custom labels. One of the most effective places for custom labels believe it or not is bumper stickers. The reason for that is that people try their best to read them; some bumper stickers are so creative that most of them are worth a look. But if your business is mostly a local business perhaps road signs would be the way to go

How Big Should It Be?

How big your custom labels will be is entirely up to you. You can go anywhere from the bumper sticker to a banner. Banners are great especially if you are a new business owner. They attract the people to your location, plus banners have a certain thing about them that tells the person who sees them that they may find a great deal at the location. That is why you always see banners outside of grocery stores. They associate banners with sale prices and therefore they attract a high number of potential customers.


This is probably the most important thing you can do, pick the right location for your custom labels, if you do then you are certain to attract the greater amount of customers. The idea is that if you sell something that senior citizens may need or want, then your advertisements should be somewhere they can be viewed by senior citizens. Knowing the demographic of your customer base and what they like to do will mean that you can advertise directly to them.

Five Effective Ways to Promote With Custom Labels
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