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Five Fabulous Tips for Successful Movie Expos

The hype of Hollywood movies rages over the entire world for decades. With time as technology advances, special effects, picture quality, sounds and all aspects got better while fans going crazy for souvenirs and collectibles. Though entertainment expos are held rarely, they do attract a large crowd especially from all over the world. Not only you get to know hottest trends but a golden chance to win executive type tickets when it premiers, gifts, dinner vouchers and much more.

Electra Qatar Exhibition

The year 2014 brought promising movies and more are yet to come which is like injecting fans with adrenaline. If you’re into media industry or simply an admirer, having a keen eye to realize successful expos is imperative so here’s how to make the event a blast.

1. The not-so-Bizarre Location!
Whether preparing for events in Qatar or any other metropolis/country, primary success factor is the location. Eccentric and remote site to arrange expos means you’re inviting failure as people won’t prefer a place which is complicated. So it should be somewhere that’s less twisted than a sci-fi movie where ease of traffic inflow and making appropriate arrangements is easy. You might require some extra investment but being time conserving will benefit both you and expected guests.

2. Sponsors: Seeking Financial Sources
Arranging sponsors is perhaps most hectic especially if you’re new to the field. Lack of trust from financing companies can be troubling but you must’ve credible resources to win them. Asides this, mastering the art of negotiation is also crucial to gain confidence and approve financial loans. Depending solely on sponsors isn’t wise which means you should invest some or at-least half to the entire event! If you’re already running a successful media or event management company of your own, there’s no need to seek sponsors that’s all unperturbed.

3. The Elegant & Striking Decor
Entire decoration must depict that it’s a movie expo and not some typical corporate event. Stunning lights, surround sound system, colorful posters in a corner and life-size statuettes of relevant characters from a movie are sure to get you in the film groove. Color and lighting scheme should match the theme; remember that appealing decor is a winning strategy.

4. Hire Celebs to Give the event Five Stars
This might cost you a bit too much but if possible, hiring a celebrity especially from relevant show will surely bring glamour to the event night. So and establish contact without wasting time or others might take the opportunity. Your approach should be smooth and subtle as a superstar doesn’t want to feel awkward or insulted in anyway. Once arrived, treat them like special guests but don’t be clingy and besides, there’re other visitors without whom all your display would be worthless.

5. Refreshment Stand
No occasion is complete without a corner reserved for snacks and refreshments. Food should be fresh and of finest quality served with a bit of innovativeness like cutlery should match the movie theme to entice visitors. Enlightened snacks are preferred which goes easy on your pocket. Croquets, pretzels, meatballs, chips and crackers, salads, soft and hot drinks make the perfect choice. Ask manufacturer to arrange such a stand design that audience finds it simply irresistible.

Arranging a movie expo is hard work but after reading the above tips, your event will be something exceptional.

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