Five Great Color Schemes for the Nursery

Preparing your baby’s nursery is an important part of getting ready for a new baby. New parents need to choose the right colors for the nursery in order to maintain a cohesive theme. Use this list of nursery color schemes to get ideas for your baby’s nursery.

Green, Brown, & White

This three-color nursery scheme is a very natural one. These colors can easily be matched with a jungle theme but it would need to be brightened up a bit with the décor. Make sure that green (or white) is the dominant color to avoid a drab, brown children’s room. If you use this color scheme to support an animal or jungle themed baby’s room, remember to search for fantastic nursery wall hangings to support the scheme.

Yellow, Pink, & White

These are traditionally considered Easter colors and would be great for a little girl’s bedroom. Depending on the theme, you may want to limit the concentration of pink. Too much pink in a nursery can be overwhelming and may lead to the ‘Pepto Bismol’ look.

Blue & White

Blue and white are the most flexible colors for a nursery. You can integrate them into almost any other theme easily. These two colors are the best to depend on when choosing a nautical theme for your baby’s room. Too much white in this color scheme will lead to an unfinished look. Be sure to include different shades of blue and don’t be stingy with gentle accents of green.

Red, Blue, & White

This doesn’t have to be a patriotic theme (although it certainly could be). These three colors, used in different amounts, could stand as a background for an American flag themed nursery, allowing the use of stars and stripes. It is also common and effective to see these colors employed when creating a rustic, country nursery.

Yellow, Black, Brown

Because of the Caterpillar company, these colors are most often associated with construction sites. Many little boys are infatuated with backhoes, diggers and large trucks. Yellow, black and brown work easily to support construction themed accents and wall art.

Green & Yellow

John Deere has the market on these two colors. This simple scheme can be used to support a farm or tractor theme for a baby room. It is not necessary to fill the room with the John Deere logo, the colors are synonymous with the brand already.

You have many choices to decorate your baby’s room. Hopefully, you were able to use this list to get some great ideas for your little one.