Five Great Western Nursery Themes

Many new or soon-to-be parents are searching for the perfect western nursery theme. There are more than just cacti and cowboy hats to think about. Use this quick list for five great western nursery themes for your nursery.

1. Surfing Nursery Theme
Even if parents do not live on the coast, they are often still exposed to surfing. Many children, girls and boys, enjoy surfing and the images that accompany surfing nursery decorations. I wanted to include this first in our list of five great nursery themes because it is so unconventional and so fun at the same time. When decorating your nursery with this western nursery theme, include images such as waves, beach components, surfing girls and boys, sharks, and palm trees.

2. Cowboy or Cowgirl Nursery Theme
The cowboy theme is the classic western nursery theme. There are many different images to consider for this theme, so make sure you list the images you want before buying. Be cautious that you do not flood the nursery with too many irreverent cowboy images. Decide between cartoonish or realistic images before buying as well. Once you have made some determinations regarding the décor you want for your western nursery theme, take stock of these as well: lasso, cowboy hats, horses, buffalo, old trains, and cacti.

3. Desert Nursery Theme
The desert nursery theme is a basic regional theme with many options. You will find a great deal of nursery decoration options online for this theme. You can alter this theme to highlight different desert animals if you think the region itself isn’t eye catching enough. If you choose to do this, make a list of all the animals you would find in the desert and search for different decorations that highlight that animal. Also, be sure to check out handmade sites like Etsy to find some great handmade items for this western nursery theme. When decorating for this theme, be sure to find the best western baby bedding to complete the bedroom.

4. Native America Nursery Theme
You will be able to find many Native American nursery decorations that will appear similar to general desert nursery theme decorations. For a Native American nursery theme, consider designing a basic desert nursery and accenting it with authentic Native American decorations. Handmade sites like Etsy are your best bet for these types of accent decorations. This western nursery theme will rely on your ability to locate authentic, unique Native American accent decorations.

5. Mountain Nursery Theme
Not all mountains have snow-covered peaks. Many mountains of the Southwest feature reddish colors and play beautifully into desert horizon lines. As with the Native American nursery theme, start with a basic desert theme and add applicable accents. Find these accents in the form of custom made nursery wall stickers and artistic images that feature mountains and peaks. Use great accents to complete this western nursery theme.

Hopefully, you were able to use these basic examples to get started decorating your western nursery theme.