Five Helpful Tips to Overcome Insomnia and sleep better

From the time of creation, Sleep has remained a mystery for humans a long day’s work, most of us would just love to hit the bed and sleep like a baby. Yet, the pressures of daily life deprive us of that much-longed-for rest and relaxation, which naturally take its toll on our health. The quality of sleep ascertains our moods during waking hours. Therefore, studies indicate that a good night’s sleep promotes immune health cognitive development and increased productivity. Therefore, let us look at a few solutions here to help you sleep better and overcome insomnia.

Regularize Sleep Routine

Light exposure controls a naturally occurring brain hormone known as Melatonin, in the brain. This hormone secretes further, in darkness, producing sleep. Hence, every night going to bed at a fixed time, helps Melatonin production, making the body naturally attuned to the natural sleep wake cycle. Try your best not to break the rhythm during weekends or holidays. If there are changes in bedtime fine-tuning 10 – 15 minutes each day will help recharge your batteries keeping you revived throughout the day.

Switch off Electronics

After a long days work most of us prefer watching television or surfing the net. Since these act as stimulants they end up inhibiting Melatonin production that helps produce sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to switch off electronic gadgets including the mobile phone to combat insomnia.

Kick Out Furry Pets

According to a survey, people who go to bed with their pets do not sleep well. This is mainly because dogs have a tendency to snore and sniff, while cats remain energetic late at night and in the wee hours of morning.

Turn Off Lights

Keeping the Lights on keeps your brain alert by stimulating hypothalamus, in the brain, which controls sleep, putting off Melatonin production. Therefore, it is highly imperative to keep the room dark and use curtains to restrain light from any corner.

Relaxation Schedule

Following relaxation techniques such as listening to music, reading a book in soft lights, taking deep breaths or thinking of a picturesque landscape behind closed eyes before going to bed sure helps unwind and prevents insomnia. Apart from this
two foremost part of our nervous system namely the adrenaline and the parasympathetic nervous system requires adjustment to enjoy sleep. It is important for the adrenaline to adjust to the relaxed or parasympathetic part of the nervous system. Therefore, a hot bath enables shifting of the brain to sleep form. However, it will be favourable to have a warm soak half-hour earlier for your body’s natural thermostat to cool down and enter sleep mode.

Following these simple tips might help you wake up fresh and kick-start the day with renewed vigour and vitality… remember a day well spent ensures a blissful night’s sleep… So, sleep well and Sweet Dreams!

May sleep envelop you as a bed sheet floating gently down, tickling your skin and removing every worry reminding you to consider only this moment.
~Jeb Dickerson