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Five Most Costly Services Outsourced to the Philippines

It takes a lot of money to set up and maintain a company. Besides the need to pay for tools and resources, business tycoons also need to have enough finances to sustain pricey operational costs.

This makes outsourcing a big plus to many companies who are looking for economical means to maintain operations. By handing over some tasks to low-cost third-party service providers, they are able to save on capital expenses, employee training, infrastructure maintenance, and other outlays.

If you happen to run one of the industries listed below, then it might be a good decision to consider outsourcing them too.

Software Development
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers were paid an average annual salary of $93,350 in 2012. Since the amount is so costly in the U.S. and in other countries, contracting it out to the Philippines can give you a hefty amount of savings.

Multimedia Arts and Animation
US-based multimedia artists and animators receive about $72,400 in a year. However, as this is difficult to keep up for many American companies, many of them outsource their tasks to Filipino artists who can do the projects in lesser price. It may be unknown to some but many Filipinos have already worked with well-known animation companies abroad. Among these firms are Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, and Cartoon Network.

Web Design and Development
As per BLS, American firms pay their local web designers and developers an average of $62,500 a year. But through outsourcing, they save up to 70 percent of the total costs. No wonder, the Philippines is among the top suppliers of affordable web design and development services in the world. Besides the large savings that these firms get from Filipinos, they also gain quality outputs that go through detailed checking and evaluation.

Financial Consultancy, Logistics, and Accounting
Finance-related jobs are also among America’s most costly industries. They pay about $67,520 a year for a consultant, $63,550 for an accountant, and $72,780 for a logistician. But with more than half a million of Filipinos graduating from college every year, these tasks are no longer those that they are forced to keep. Many have already taken advantage of technology and outsourced the same services to the Philippines.

Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing
With the emerging popularity of the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming a popular trend among companies worldwide. Search engines, particularly Google, have strict requirements that make online marketing more complex and time-consuming. But with Filipinos’ proven skills and technical advantage, you are sure to get the most outsourced services for SEO, which include coding, programming, and web content writing.

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