Five of the Most Stunning Modular Homes

Fabulous Prefab

When you think of the term “modular home,” one of the first words that comes to mind is ‘trailer.’ Despite the fact that there are many beautiful modular homes out there, people seem to be turned off to the idea of building and living in one, at least a traditional modular home anyway.

The truth is, the modular home scene is becoming more and more innovative. It’s now possible to build your own prefabricated home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional one. In many cases, modular homes include way more amenities, square footage and style than traditional ones. Plus, you don’t have to worry so much about builders or contractors using cheap materials and cutting corners with prefab homes.

There are many reasons to choose a modular or prefab style home over a traditional one. They’re more efficient, cheaper and can be constructed faster. In fact, 65% of companies saw decreased construction expenses after shifting their focus to prefabricated homes.

eco pods

Cubicco Homes

Believe it or not, you can take a cubic-style home and make it gorgeous. There are also quite a few uses for a single, 8×12, cube-shaped unit. It could be used as a cabana, storm shelter or even a small personal space.

Cubicco offers several different floorplans with varying price points and square footage options. They ooze modern style and convenience, and you can construct them yourself or hire a professional team.

Echo Homes

Echo’s modular home units are similar to Cubicco’s in that they’re designed like pods, but that’s where the similarities end. Echo homes are designed to be more homely and natural, relying more heavily on wood-based materials. This gives the pods a more distinctive look, somewhere between modern design and traditional log home aesthetics.

You can build any size home you’d like with the Echo pods, even using them separately if you wish. For instance, a writer or creative individual could purchase the ‘home office’ pod just to have an out-of-home office on their property.

Soleta zeroEnergy Homes

If you’re looking for an off-the-grid, zero-energy-footprint kind of home, consider Soleta’s zeroEnergy homes. This Romanian company specializes in stylish, efficient and affordable modular homes. Even though their official site is in Romanian, take a look at some of the unique models.

You can purchase any of their homes with or without a wide variety of features, such as a geothermal water heating system or wind- and solar-based power.

Coodo Modular Units

Imagine a stylish, outdoor modular pavilion, summer kitchen or residential unit. These are the kind of modular options in which Coodo specializes. With several different options – like the Pergola that offers a personal outdoor space – you can custom design any home or property to your liking. They’re reasonably priced too, as far as stylish prefabricated homes are concerned.

Minim Homes

Just as the name implies, Minim specializes in off-the-grid, minimal-style prefabricated homes. They pack a whole lot of oomph in their 210-total square feet of space. Minim claims their units are suitable enough for a family of two to live in full-time.

Regardless of the stigma associated with modular homes, there’s no denying their designs are full of innovation. And we will likely see this innovation continue into the future.