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Five Points to Consider before Purchasing Inclined Platform Lifts

Buildings with staircases which do not have sufficient space for an elevator or ramp can pose serious accessibility issues for wheelchair users. Platform lifts are the ideal solution to improve access for the mobility impaired in such situations. Many reputable manufacturers provide unique models of these lifts for both indoor and outdoor applications in public and residential buildings. Inclined platform lifts can be installed in churches, schools, hospitals, small offices and other public buildings. They are instrumental in enhancing the independence of individuals with limited mobility who would otherwise have to depend on others to move from one level of a building to another.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are designed to travel through straight, spiral and curved stairways and can be easily installed on existing stairways without much structural modification. With a compact design and rugged construction, these lifts are ideal for homes with limited space. They are built to accommodate the weight of electric wheelchairs. Moreover, these devices come with a compact folding platform that leaves the stairway free for other users.

Buying Inclined Platform Lifts –Points to Consider

Popular elevator and lift companies offer various brands of inclined platform lifts in a variety of designs and specifications. It is crucial to consider several important points before making a final decision regarding lift purchase. Evaluate the different models of mobility devices available in the market and compare features, functions, technical specifications and cost.

• ADA-compliant – Before selecting a model, make sure it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and meets all National Safety Code requirements.

• Safety Features – Before selecting any specific lift model, it is essential to evaluate prominent features. Reliable dealers offer different models of inclined lifts equipped with advanced safety features and technical specifications. Their superior features typically include over-speed governor, emergency stop button, manual lowering device, grab rails, automatic access ramps, remote control operation, safety brakes, battery backup facility and key locks. The devices are also fitted with obstruction sensors that quickly detect objects blocking the device’s path and immediately stop operation, thereby preventing the user from getting injured or the lift being damaged. Top models of inclined lifts offered by Savaria include ES-125, Delta, Omega and S-64.

• Loading capacity and space consumption – Before choosing a model, consider total load capacity and check whether it can accommodate the wheelchair. As the loading capacity and space consumption features vary from one model to another, it is important to select a model that matches specific wheelchair requirements. For instance, the ES-125 Inclined Platform Lift model from Savaria comes with a total load capacity of 450 lb (204 kg).

• Budget – Before purchasing a wheelchair lift, evaluate your requirements and budget constraints. Reliable dealers offer quality devices equipped with prominent features and specifications. Make sure that that you choose a model that fits your budget. Reliable dealers also offer certified pre-owned wheelchair lifts such as the Savaria ES-125 at costs that are lower than new. These products go through various refurbishment processes to ensure reliable performance and incorporate various safety features.

• Warranty – Choose a top quality inclined lift. Quality systems like the ES-125 come with a 36-month warranty for parts. Buy from a Competent Dealer

It is important to select a reliable dealer for purchasing inclined platform lifts. In addition to quality lifts, reliable dealers provide end-to-end support with professional installation, and repair and maintenance services.

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