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Five Popular Remote Access Tools Used In Online Tablet Support

When you own a tablet, it is obvious that sooner or later you will require tablet support. Getting online tablet support is, of course, one of the most convenient ways of availing support. But, before you avail online technical support, you should learn about the tools your professionals might use to set the remote connection.

This article exclusively emphasizes on Android tablets. There are apps through which tech experts can set remote connection with the device and can render online phone support irrespective of where you are. Listed below are five tablet support apps that are used by experts to set remote connections with your tablets or smartphones. It will be helpful if you educate yourself with some knowledge about these apps.


TeamViewer is one of the most widely used remote tools in the process of online tablet support. There is an Android version of the tool, which is specifically designed for Android tablets and smartphones. Using TeamViewer, one cannot just remotely manage your tablet but can also transfer files to and from your device, however only after your consent.
TeamViewer has many interesting features that make it a very effective remote support tool. For instance, it has features like multi-touch support, automatic quality adjustment, friends list, gain access to firewalls and proxies and more. The best feature of the tool is its 256-bit AES security/1024-bit RSA key exchange feature that makes it highly secured.


Join.me is a simple remote access tool through which your support engineer can easily reach out to your tablet and perform the troubleshooting. The Join.me Android client has the following features:

• Built-in chat
• Zoom in and out
• View meeting attendees
• View annotations made by others

Although, the tool is bit low on the feature set, but functionality wise it is quite a good tool and does work in a commendable way. It facilitates quick and painless access.

Android VNC Viewer

Android VNC Viewer is an out and out VNC tool. That means your support engineer will require a VNC server in order to gain access to your remote machine. However, that is not a problem as there are plenty of VNC servers out there. Once your tablet and the online support machine connect to the VNC server, the app works like a champ. The prime features of Android VNC Viewer are:

• Import/export settings

• Save connection information

• Zoom control

• Keyboard and mouse control

• Connects to any machine running on a VNC server

2X client RDP

If your Android tablet or smartphone supports RDP, then your online phone support firm might use 2X client RDP tool. It’s a tool through which support engineer can connect to any device that supports RDP. The 2X client RDP app supports seamless keyboard interactions and various other features, such as:

• Unlimited connections
• SSL security
• Full-screen mode
• Easy scrolling
• Sound integration zoom support
• Two and three finger gesture support
• Gesture configuration and more.

This particular app is compatible with any Android tablet or smartphone with version 1.6 to the latest Android Lollipop. Thus, almost any Android device can be remotely accessed with this tool.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is the tool that tech experts use to connect remotely with devices either having VNC or RDP. Using this app, the tech expert can render online tablet support from any Windows, Linux, or Mac machines. Its highlighting features are:

• Bookmark manager
• Console mode
• RDP/NLA/TLS or automatic encryption mode
• Touchpointer, where cursor interacts with gestures
• Customizable resolutions
• Tab for RDP and much more

The app is an open source tool and it can be checked out at Google Code site.

Bottom line

There are numerous ways through which your tech expert can connect to your tablet from their machine remotely. As mentioned above, you have to install the apps in your tablet or smartphone and then through exchange of passcode, the remote support is set up.

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