Five Reasons Why Baby Hammocks Are Better than Cots

Parents have a lot of considerations to make before the birth of their newest addition, and one of the most important of all is where the baby will sleep. There are numerous sleeping options available on the market today, such as the classic crib, cot, and a co-sleeper, which sidles right up alongside the bed. But one of the best options is the baby hammock.

What Is A Baby Hammock?

A baby hammock is a safe sleeping environment, which is suspended by a secured rod and spring (one spring can handle up to 12kgs of weight, though an additional spring can be added to increase the maximum weight to 24kgs). The hammock is surroundedin a soft and breathable mesh which extends all the way to the top where the hammock connects with the spring, keeping your baby comfortable and secure.

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Why Should I Use a Baby Hammock?

While baby hammocks may not be the “go-to” sleeping option in the UK, they are actually used by many cultures around the globe. Below are five reasons why more parents are choosing to use a baby hammock over a traditional cot.

A Safe and Secure Sleep Environment

Every time your baby lays in her hammock, she is in a fully enclosed and secure sleep environment. Parents can easily access their young one through a flap, which is secured by a zipper or Velcro.

Babies Sleep for a Longer Period of Time

Unlike a cot, when the baby moves, its entire environment does too, which mimics the womb environment your baby is accustomed to. Oftentimes, babies will literally rock themselves back to sleep, which allows them to sleep for longer periods throughout the night and day. The longer your baby sleeps, the calmer, the more alert, and the happier she will be. As an added bonus the parents will also get more sleep!

Proper Distribution of Your Baby’s Weight

The less stress placed on your newborn’s muscles and joints, the better. Because the hammock will adjust to the needs of your baby, you are allowing your baby’s fast growing body to fully rest. The even distribution of weight also helps prevent “flat head,” something which babies often suffer from when they sleep in a cot or a bassinet.

Placing Your Baby within Arm’s Reach

Being smaller and more portable than a cot, you can still have your baby sleeping within arm’s reach of your own bed every night. This means you will be able to easily transfer your baby from the hammock to her changing table as well as comfort and feed your baby when she needs it without having to amble out of bed or climb out of your nursery chair. It also allows you to easily transfer your young one back into her safe and secure environment.

Easy To Take Down and Put Back Up

Most sleep options on the market are difficult to assemble, and most are certainly not portable. Even portable cots are not the ideal choice as they are extremely uncomfortable and provide little support. A hammock, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, meaning that it can easily travel with you and continue to provide your baby with her familiar sleep environment.