Five Roller Banner Stand Design Mistakes to Avoid

A well-designed banner can help you to achieve your advertising and marketing objectives but a poorly-designed banner can make your business look less than professional.

 To help you avoid the same mistakes other businesses have made when designing banners to promote their products and services, here we have listed five of the most commonly made banner design mistakes.

Not using professional graphics and images

If you are going to use images on your banner make sure they are high resolution, completely professional and legal for you to use – many images are protected by copyrights, so you have to ensure that you’re actually able to use them legally.

When graphics and images are professional in appearance it makes your business come across as more professional. It may cost a little more to work with a good graphic designer or photographer, but their services are well-worth the investment.

Failing to create a strong call to action

What action do you want those who read the message on your roll banners to take? Do you want them to step inside your place of business because you have a sale on or are you advertising something that they should look for online?

You need to set out a clear path of action that readers will take and that needs a strong call to action, one that sets out in no uncertain terms what they’ll do next.

Improper logo placement

Your logo should always be placed at the top of the banner, never at the bottom, in the corners or in the middle. You want people to remember your business logo and come to associate it with your products and services, so make sure that it’s always prominently displayed where it will be seen first.

Not using a catchy headline

A catchy headline placed at eye level – ‘Eye level is buy level’ – is a must. Your message should be concise, straight to the point, and contain all the information you deem to be important. Creating a catchy headline can be a lot of work, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort it may require.

Not making good use of colour

If you’re not using your business colour schemes to great effect you’re missing out on some fantastic opportunities. Use the colours of your business logo on your banner designs to further brand awareness and make your messages stand out.

In addition to these five banner design mistakes, forgetting to include your contact information is another mistake many businesses make. Although you may be trying to get potential customers off the street and into your place of business, it’s always wise to include your contact details. That way, although they may not enter your place of business straight away, they can contact you at a later point in time.

Take note of these commonly made banner design mistakes to avoid making them yourself and design eye-catching banners that stand out and get noticed by passers-by for all the right reasons.