Five scientific evidence that it is better to be a ‘single’

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If you’ve recently broken up with a loved one, look at the positive things that will help you here are five scientific evidence that it is better to be a ‘single’, this news will cheer.

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Five scientific evidence that it is better to be a ‘single’, Seekyt

Not only is fun to be single, what will confirm your all friends and girlfriends, but also scientists have found real evidence that this is healthy.

healthier heart

Study that followed over 9000 people during the eight years showed that the lowest risk of heart disease are the ones who have never been married. Those who have been divorced or re-marriage, had twice the incidence of heart disease.
And this makes sense, especially this understand those who have separated from a loved one is’t it?

Better body

Another study conducted on 13,000 men and women between 18 and 64 years showed that those who have never been married are practicing more often than those who have either been, or are in it, and others. Marriage according to the survey the most impact on women – more than half of them in the first 4 years of marriage completely ceased engage in physical activities.
Women when get married, most of them leave their body, they do not pay attention to nutrition, dieting and some even don’t take a care when it comes to physical trim, and it should be just the opposite.
You have now a man who is 24h by you and he love to see you nice looking,not just when you hang out before marriage,but still.

More friends

Did you ever thought that your single friends to socialize more readily than those in a relationship? It’s not that you just do, it is really so. Research shows that people are in a relationship or married less interested in keeping in touch with friends and even family.

No compromise

Research shows that people who tend to be single later in life feel better. Those who are flying in a relationship or a marriage much more likely to live unfulfilled lives full of regret, researchers say.

More free time in solitude

Solitude and loneliness are two different things, and psychiatrists says, it is very useful to people here and there, be yourself. According to their research, people who have been single for some time much better handle life, know more enjoy their free time, and do not depend on others to make fun or be happy.

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Five scientific evidence that it is better to be a ‘single’, Seekyt
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