Five strategies to increase your chances to win on Facebook

Since the birth of Facebook all have witnessed its growth and evolution as a social network.

It is no coincidence that every time we update our list of stories, we find a new promotion inviting us to participate. Gone was the simple intention of connecting friends and family around the world. Today more than ever Facebook has transformed relationships and family and continues to revolutionize the world of business.

Earn in Facebook is an easy goal to achieve when we apply the following five steps that although not a ticket to the grand prize, are key tactics that increase our chances of winning considerably.

Step One: Support Groups

Find a group that represents your area of ??expertise, your hobbies, profession or country of origin. The Facebook groups are created with a single click, but the connections between its members manage to get up a complex tool to use when we are participating in promotions.

When you belong to a Facebook group believe these contacts and friendships are those that will help you win promotions that require voting or help others to win.

Step number two: Referrals

Take advantage of opportunities to receive additional entries by sharing with your friends. Many contests on Facebook with which you will have the opportunity to receive additional points for each person who uses your participation code to enter the promotion. Do not miss the always option and click on the box to share your personal wall or social page.

Step Three: Today for you – tomorrow for me

Start getting involved in the units you know and provide your help so they can win. Today you give up a vote and am very sure they will give away another when needed.

Solidarity and support to people with whom you are connected form a successful strategy to achieve win prizes on Facebook.

Do not just give away your vote. Take the initiative to campaign and promotion for their participation. You can share your personal wall and the groups to which they belong.

Step Four: Organization

As most surely you’ve noticed, left fingers to count all the promotions that you can find this in Facebook in a single day. It is essential to implement a method of organization to keep record of what we are doing.

It is important to identify the type and frequency of promotion to keep potential opportunities for participation or otherwise, in order to avoid double cancellation by submitting entries.

Choose a method of organization, make every effort to follow to the letter, read the official rules of promotions and keep your record. Some people forget to continue to participate in contests when it comes to promotions that have a participation period exceeding one month.

Step Five: Like your new neighbor

Brand pages on Facebook or startups represent the perfect place to visit frequently. These pages require followers and the best way to get noticed is offering promotions. By not having a large audience your chances of winning are high.

You can create special lists of interest with the possible pages where you see more movement in promotion and do not neglect the pages mercadeo.Pero veterans (as I call them). The latter have already tried fame thanks to promotions and maintain their active strategy to the delight of his followers.