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Five Things that Really Matter When Selecting Home Elevators

Nowadays, elevators have become an integral part of many homes. They allow people with mobility challenges to move freely from one floor to another. They can be also used to transport heavy goods or household items from floor to floor. In addition, these safe and reliable accessibility devices improve the value of the home. Leading manufacturers offer a wide range of elevator models with varying features and technical specifications. Here we discuss five important factors that need to be considered before choosing a home elevator.

Buying Home Elevators – Top Things to Consider

Popular manufacturers offer residential elevators equipped with advanced technology, stylish designs and unique safety features. Popular models include Savaria Eclipse and Infinity, Cambridge Elevating’s Cambrian, and more.

• Elevator type: There are different kinds of elevators such as traction with a machine room, traction without a machine room, and hydraulic, with variations of these types. Hydraulic systems are supported by a piston at the bottom that pushes it up. Traction systems work by means of ropes that pass over a wheel attached to an electric motor above the elevator shaft. They are ideal for mid and high-rise buildings and come with higher travel speeds than hydraulic systems. The third main category is the machine roomless elevator. They not have a dedicated machine room above the elevator shaft. A reliable elevator company helps customers choose the system that will best meet their needs.

• Installation requirements: Evaluate the total space required for the installation of the mobility device. Some models may need a separate machine room, pit and hoistway. On the other hand, there are other models that can be easily installed without making any specific structural changes and no separate machine room. You need to select the model that can be installed easily in your home.

• Load capacity: It is essential to evaluate the total loading capacity and power consumption needs before selecting a device. Elevators designed in accordance to prescribed standards and cabin dimensions can accommodate all models of wheelchairs.

• Safety features: Reliable manufacturers offer top models of mobility instruments integrated with premium safety features, user-friendly controls and other technical specifications. Make sure that the model you choose includes safety features such as emergency stop button, non-skid platform, manual lowering device, lockable control panel, slack rope safety system, emergency alarm and light system, in-cab telephone system, key lock system (to prevent unauthorized access), and cable safety devices.

• Technical features: Conventional hydraulic devices use cables and piston to the device car while modern vacuum or pneumatic lift units mainly depend on the changes in air pressure. Certain models that utilize mechanical motors are ideal for low-rise buildings.

• Price: Price is an important factor to be considered before selecting any device model. The price of each model will vary in terms of features, size and technical specifications. Leading dealers offer quality systems at competitive rates, and even special prices on elevators bought out of medical necessity.

Identify a Reliable Dealer

Before purchasing a home elevator, it is necessary to identify a reliable and established dealer.

• Browse online to identify reliable suppliers serving your area
• Check out the systems available
• Compare the products offered by each dealer by analyzing its features, cost, specifications and warranty
• Evaluate availability of post-purchase support such as installation, inspection, and repair and maintenance services

Considering these aspects will help you choose the right dealer to partner with, which in turn, will ensure value for money when buying your home elevator.

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