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Five Things You Should Know About Layby sales

When it comes to buying gifts and anything else online on lay-by, you should leave the guessing to the genius and get the details at your fingertips. There small yet vital details you should get first before entering into an agreement with the layby store managers. This article will discuss the details you need to know.
If you have decided to buy that magnificent gift or a house item on layby, then you will have to stop what you are doing take a cup of coffee and read this article. We shall discuss how to track you payment, about changes in item prices, about damaged goods, and about disputes.

Tracking your payment
You can request the store to send you a written statement that details the price, the remaining amount, the owning amount, and the cancelation fees if they are appreciable. The retailer is allowed by the law five business days to provide the statement. There are no changes imposed for the statement.

Changes in prices
The seller is not allowed to increase the price of the layby product from what is in the agreement. The same applies in the case when the price of the product goes down. You will be required to pay the original price of the good regardless the dropping or hiking of the price. The reason for this is that layby is an agreement that cannot be changed not unless both sides agree.

Damaged goods
The retailer caters for the cost of the damaged good since they are still under his or her care. The Consumer Guarantees Act covers the goods on layby. In case of any damage to the goods, the retailer will be required to replace or repair, or give a refund to them. You can also negotiate a discount if you wished.
You do not own the goods until you have paid their prices in full. This way, the seller has the responsibility to insure the goods.

Payment troubles
If you are having trouble, paying the goods you can cancel the agreement. In this case, you will get a refund of the amount you have paid already. You will also have to pay the cancellation fees if applicable. If you still wish to continue paying for the goods despite the payment troubles, you can enquire with eh retailer whether the agreed time can be extended. In case of an extension of the payment period, the amount of each payment is reduced to an amount that you are comfortable with. In some case, the retailer may not agree but the alternative is convenient for both sides instead of cancelling the agreement.

About disputes
It is good that you solve any dispute with the seller. In case you cannot solve the dispute with the seller, you are advised to submit the case to the dispute tribunal. In such case, the retailer risk being arraigned by the Commerce Commission if they do not conform to the agreement of the lay-by sales. There are penalties is the retailer is proved to have breached the agreement.

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