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Five VIPRE Internet Security 2015 Problems With Their Most Suitable Solutions

VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is an amazing online protection tool that helps in ensuring a safer virtual environment. The program stringently works to keep all the security threats at bay and maintain a strong security shield across your devices, accounts, and networks. Read the article to know some of the basic problems you might face while using the tool and their possible fixes.

VIPRE Install ensures complete virtual protection against existing, emerging, and prevailing virtual threats without slowing down your PC. Software developers recommend installing VIPRE updates regularly to avoid security breaches and other troubles. It is one of the best software security that offers award-winning antivirus capabilities, real-time protection, and unmatched security against zero-day infections.

The tool includes a firewall, spam filter, and malicious website blocker to create and manage a strong security shield that can protect you from heinous virtual crimes. VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is one of the best Internet security solutions for availing complete protection against malware, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and other stubborn infections.

Read below to resolve some of the common issues that you may face with this amazing security program:

Probelm1: Cannot Download VIPRE Using Internet Explorer

If you’re facing this issue, then it simply means that your current security settings of the Internet Explorer (IE) are not allowing you to install the program. Follow these tips to change the security settings of the Internet Explorer temporarily:

1. Launch IE and click the ‘Tools’ option
2. Select ‘Internet Options’ from the list and click ‘Security’ tab.
3. Click ‘Custom Level…’ button and scroll down to the ‘Miscellaneous’ section.
4. Find ‘Access data sources across domains’ setting
5. Change the setting from ‘Prompt’ to ‘Disable.’
6. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the setting
7. Click Yes > Apply
8. Finally, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes and exit the window
9. Now, try downloading the VIPRE install file
10. It will get downloaded easily
11. Once the downloading and installation process gets completed, revert to your ‘Internet Option’ settings back to your previous state.

Problem2: Difficulty in Turning VIPRE Firewall On/Off

VIPRE Firewall plays a vital role in safeguarding users against code injection, network intrusion, and malicious exploits. The security program also helps to combat some serious cyber crimes that involve network and server attacks. The firewall feature is available on VIPRE Internet Security version only. Follow these steps to turn VIPRE Firewall off and on temporarily:

1. Launch the program and click the ‘Manage’ tab
2. Click the ‘Firewall’ section on the left panel
3. Now, click the ‘On/Off’ switch to set it to ‘ON.’
4. If successful, the MyVIPRE page will display a Green Arrow to portray that the Firewall Protection is ON.
5. Repeat the same steps to turn off the feature by just setting the ‘On/Off’ switch to ‘OFF.’

Problem 3: Unable to Connect to the Internet Using Shared Gateway

You may not be able to connect to the Internet using shared gateway when the VIPRE Firewall setting is ON. Additionally, the same problem may occur while trying to connect to the Internet using a virtual machine Internet connection on Windows XP and VISTA-based computers. You will require adding exceptions to the VIPRE suite for allowing the gateway hardware device to operate smoothly.

The VIPRE Firewall can block, allow or prompt actions on traffic to/ from the local host. Since the network packets passing may be addressed neither to the host nor from it, the VIPRE Firewall will not allow connections to connect to the server.

Perform the following tips to add an exception to the security shield:

1. Launch VIPRE and go to the main interface
2. Click the Green Firewall Arrow or simply go to the Manage tab > Firewall
3. Click the ‘Manage Rules’ option, under the ‘Firewall Protection’ section
4. The ‘Firewall Rules’ window will appear
5. Click the ‘Gateway’ tab and click the ‘Add’ button
6. Now, add the name and description for the gateway device you’re using on your PC
7. Add the MAC Address for the device
8. Click ‘OK’ button to apply the changes
9. Now, try the connection again and you will be able to connect to the Internet.

Problem 4: Don’t Know How to Use VIPRE’s Social Watch

VIPRE Social Watch feature is available in VIPRE Internet Security subscriptions exclusively. The feature scans your Facebook timeline for malicious links and prevents you from getting infected. Practice the following tips to use and manage VIPRE’s Social Watch effectively:

1. Open VIPRE and click the ‘Manage’ tab
2. Click Privacy > Scan Now
3. If you’re using the feature for the first time, you will get a prompt asking you to login to your Facebook account
4. Provide your Facebook’s login details and start the Social Watch scan
5. Adjust the frequency to command the security program to scan your Facebook automatically
6. Click to check mark the ‘Scan my Facebook timeline’ box
7. You can uncheck the box if you wish to disable the feature
8. Click the ‘View History’ button to view Social Watch scan history.

Problem 5: VIPRE is Blocking a Website From Loading

Sometimes your VIPRE security suite may block a site from loading. The security program restricts a website from getting loaded because it may have some suspicious content and malicious links. If you’re sure about the content of the website and wish to access the same anyway, then follow the instructions below to the website. The VIPRE’s Web Filter can block a website you wish to visit but you can still allow the website to get open on your device by following these instructions:

1. Launch VIPRE and click the ‘Firewall’ tab
2. Click the ‘View Settings’ button
3. Click the ‘Bad Website Exceptions’ button and click the ‘Add’ button
4. Now, enter the name of the website you wish to add to the exceptions
5. Click ‘OK’ twice to apply the changes
6. Finally, click ‘OK’ to close the menu
7. Close VIPRE and try accessing the website again.


Undoubtedly, the VIPRE’s Internet Security 2015 is one of the best software security available in the market that can protect your PC from online threats. The successful completion of the VIPRE install confirms an additional security shield across your devices, accounts, and networks. Most of the times, installing the VIPRE updates can resolve program errors and issues that may restrict you from accessing the tool or a particular website. You can also contact the VIPRE support to resolve all the issues and errors you may face while running the program.

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