News Five ways to avoid fatigue while running

Five ways to avoid fatigue while running


If you feel tired and fatigue in the middle of the run, there are some strategies that will help you complete your sport to the finish line. The best thing is that you do not increase the rate of training, but just think smarter, and here’s how:

1- Start running slowly
When you run a long distance, you should follow what the largest long-distance runners in the world, which is to start running very slowly, like jogging. You also warm-up at the beginning of running performance that helps you to comfortably and keep your speed rate. In the middle of the run, increase your speed national rate. In the last third of the running, Keep your speed rate or try to increase it. If You Can not do this, it means you began running very quickly.

We find that your heart rate monitor is a great way, but it will not be useful when running for a distance of more than 12 miles away, because the body becomes more efficient the greater the distance, so your heart rate will not change even if you increase your speed.

2-Change the usual way
If you live a run in the same way every time, you’ll feel bored and frustrated, but when you’re changing the way, it increases your drive and enthusiasm to complete the run. You find other ways in your area, so Tadhavin a new way to routine sports every two weeks.

3-. Lack of pressure on yourself
If you Taatdrbin to run longer distances than you did before, make sure not to push yourself too much, as the muscles and joints may not be ready to deal with this pressure. The goal here is a gradient ranging from 10 miles per week over three stages. Then you can increase the mileage so that not more than 10 per cent every week even reduce the risk of injury. If you feel overwhelmed in a given week, has maintained this level of training for two or three weeks before the other increases.

4- Running Light sometimes
Do not feel upset when reduces the running rate in some cases, it is possible to help you to achieve your goal. This is called the polarizing training, which is based on blending easy workouts challenging exercises. Researchers have found that athletes who have used this method have achieved greater gains, because the low-density training reduces the pressure on the muscles in general, and allows you to work more seriously in high-intensity exercise. In addition, whenever you train your body at a low level, helped to increase the metabolism of fat as a source of essential nutrition your body in times that require stamina. In order to do so, you weekly training sessions are divided into two or three days of easy exercises (aerobics exercises and light), and one day of hard exercise (training pulsation short), and a day of moderate exercise (stretching exercises and tight muscles). You should also planning so that there will be a day of light training, followed by a day of hard training.

5-. Practice lifting exercises
The addition of strength training and lifting weights to your workout improves your performance and the rate of speed, it helps to build muscles and maintain the strength of the joints. The exercises lifting weights work to strengthen your muscles, especially the muscles of the buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles and holding the side abdomen. The more these muscles stronger, your run rate has become more efficient and speed.

Five ways to avoid fatigue while running
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