Five Ways to Get Free Product Samples With Free Shipping

Free product samples with free shipping may seem too good to be true but it actually happens a lot. When companies launch a new product they are often have to compete with other, already well-established products on the market. As such, sending out free samples can be a great way to build up an initial customer base. They can also have a chance to hear back about what customers thought about their new products so that5 they can know what to revise or improve upon. While it is not hard to get some free product samples with free shipping you first have to know what to look for and where to look.

What Free Product Samples Can You Get?

Anything consumable like food, drink, services, cleaning products and beauty products make great candidates for product sampling. This is because they give the person they are sent to a taste of what it is like to have that product and if they want to continue they will buy more soon. Sometimes bigger and more expensive items are sent to people either as a temporary trial or so that the person can review the product and tell the manufacturer what they though about it. This sort of feedback is valuable to the manufacturer and they will sometimes let the person keep the item after and these could be things like expensive electronics. Software is another really common product that is sent out for free. Sometimes new developers wills end out 50 free copies to certain people for a review and to get the software known. Oftentimes you need to be involved in the tech or another relevant industry to receive these products.

Why Do Manufacturers Offer Free Product Samples With Free Shipping?

The are two main reasons why manufacturers send out products to customers free of charge. Firstly, to generate some positive opinions and spread the word about a new product. Secondly, to get feedback about a new product they are considering or that they feel may need revising. In this first situation manufacturers know that it is hard to get people to try a new product once they are set in their ways, so offering something for free is a good way to break down this barrier. Their hope is that once you have tried it you will find that you like it more than your previous favorite. In the second situation manufacturers may be unsure about a product that is near release and want some ‘field tests’ of the product before it’s launch. Because getting the launch product perfect is vitally important to it’s future success many companies are willing to pay the costs of sending out a couple hundred or even a couple thousand free samples. Sometimes these products may be accompanied with a pre-stamped envelope and a survey on the sample for you to fill out. It’s good to take some time to support the companies that send out free samples to encourage them to continue doing so.

Finding Free Product Samples with Free Shipping – Free Sample Offers Aggregate Websites

There are many websites that act as an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer who wants to send out samples. These websites earn their keep by finding the perfect test customers for certain product samples so that the companies can know that their samples are going to relevant people. You simply fill out the information on the site, put in your postal address and check the boxes for samples you would like to receive. If you mention that you have school-aged children then you may receive free school supplies or clothing to try. As such, these websites are great for both parties; you get useful samples without having to chase down manufacturers and the manufacturers find the right trial customer without any effort on their part.

Contacting the Companies Directly for Free Product Samples with Free Shipping

Heading to a company’s website can sometimes reward you in information in free product giveaways on offer or information about new product launches and where event are being held. Going to these events and launches can net you some great items at no cost. You can even try emailing the manufacturer asking for a sample of a product that you are interested in buying. Often they will have a warehouse full of sample-sized products that they are more than willing to get rid of to possibly attract a new customer. If you contact 50 companies and only get 10 free samples then you still have 10 samples at the cost of an email.

Keep an Eye on Product Packaging for Information on Free Product Samples with Free Shipping

Have you ever noticed how some packets will say something like ‘call us for a free sample’ or ‘post a barcode and receive a free bag clip’? Product packaging is a great way to find free samples doing something you already do – shopping. Usually these will be a new variation of the same product for you to try but sometimes they could be a collectors item or some other helpful product such as the bag clip offer. Next time you are going shopping take a closer look at all of the tags and packets of the products on the shelves.

Getting Free Make-up Samples at Beauty Counters

In the larger shopping centers the beauty counters will often have a large stock of new make-up and other cosmetics to give away, especially around the launch of a new major product line. If you want these samples keep and eye on the make-up companies and when they announce the release of a new eyeliner, blush or anything else head on over to your local beauty counter.

Taking Surveys to Get Free Product Samples with Free Shipping

If you have a bit of free time then surveys are another great way to earn some free trial items. Surveys can usually be found through survey websites but they can sometimes also be given out by the companies themselves. Sometimes you will have to answer a survey first and then receive your free item in the mail a few weeks later but other times you will be sent an item first in return for filling out a survey on it’s use. Always be careful giving out your credit information online, however. The reputable survey sites will not ask you for your card number. If you have some time to waste one afternoon jump onto a survey site and start getting some free product samples with free shipping.