Five wedding flower mistakes you should avoid

Unlike festivities and celebrations, we have gone through during our life; the wedding day is listed on the top in everyone’s life. Irrespective of their gender, they not only desire to look perfect, but they also don’t want to miss even a small thing regarding the décor, dinner and seating arrangement at the venue. When it comes to wedding day décor, flowers play an integral role to create the final style statement. However, choosing a suitable bloom variety to complement this big day is a very difficult task, as this is not the matter of purchasing a single bunch. Rather, you need to buy in bulk for centerpieces, bridal bouquets, groom boutonnieres, floral strings and so on. There are more chances to make mistakes, as you are dealing with a huge quantity of florets.

Here I am listing few most common mistakes you should avoid while planning to pick and purchase suitable flowers for your wedding day.

Ordering late at the end
It is the common blunder made by most of the individuals, which devastate their event ending up with no florets. When you are making a master plan for the day, don’t forget to prioritize booking the suitable florist as early as possible. As vendors are not harvesting flowers on their own, they have to order suppliers who connect with farmers to supply the requested variety in bulk quantity at the right time. If you delay making final negotiation with your retailer, he will not be able to complete your order in a short time span of one or two weeks. If you are seeking for wedding flower delivery in Qatar and want to eliminate such risks, then you should finalize the deal at least before five or four months. Allocating a reasonable timeframe to your supplier will not only ensure the timely delivery, but also let you enjoy reasonable rates.

Ignoring expenses when making budget
Despite being well aware with the importance of florets, most of the brides don’t include their cost while finalizing budget for this big event. At the end they might run out of money or it eats up a lot of money. So I strongly recommend finding out the possible cost of the theme you are interested to avail for the day.

Dealing the florist with doubts
After observing their service charges, you might be thinking that they are eating up your money; then you are wrong. If you carefully observe their work processes, you will notice they do a lot of hard work to supply the specific kind for your event. Their service charges do not only include market price, but also sum-up the fee for their knowledge and expertise. To avoid any doubts, openly communicate with your vendor about your likes and dislikes, all you need to do is to be flexible while negotiating with service providers. Listen to their advice and consider them, even if they are suggesting making any substitutions for the variety of blooms you have chosen.

Limiting option with sticking to one option, while excluding others
This can be the biggest mistake one can make while ordering florets for the big day. Never limit yourself to a particular variety, consider observing other seasonal species to avoid missing the best options. Perhaps, you are scared of including specific breed due to its higher cost, you could be wrong this time. Few expensive sorts are still worth including in the arrangement. Despite, being expensive, blossoms like Cattleya orchids and peonies let you save good money because of their huge size and capabilities to create great impacts in any arrangement.

Choosing strong scented buds with matching colour
Never choose scented blooms for centerpieces, as you never know who is allergic to what kind of fragrance. If you have any specific choice for fragrance, you may consider it for bridal bouquets and ornamentation other than centerpieces. Moreover, avoid matching the colour of petals with the dress; it’s better to choose the colour, which is complementing the dress in contrast to muddling up with the existing hues.

Summary: These are the few common mistakes most of the people tend to do, while picking wedding blooms for their big day. However, you can easily avoid them, if you show some concern at the initial stage of planning.