Fixing Up A House

Now that summer is here more and more people are spending their time outside. Either cutting the grass, BBQing, or sitting on the deck. But with the summer here and being outside a lot you get to see all the things that winter has done to your house and it might be time to fix the projects up.

If you have a landlord you have nothing to work on because its the landlords job to fix up the house. But if you have a mortgage and own the house you may have to do all the projects by yourself which would suck. No one wants to work on home projects alone.

But did you also know that when you rent a home and do home projects for the landlord they knock money off the rent each month. Yeah, that’s what my landlord did if I cut the grass he would take it out of the rent which sounded like a good deal at the time until you start doing the work and find out its no fun to do. But I guess that is the ups and downs of renting a home.

If the price is right you can try and get some help but that is also what kids are for, just tell em you’ll go get ice cream later. Kids will do anything for ice cream. I know I did when I was a kid, there is nothing like summer time ice cream another thing that I liked was push pops.

Home construction can be a beast and take weeks, even months to start and finish. But the things that you can do to a house are endless. Landscaping is another big project that can be down if you have deep pockets, landscaping isn’t cheap nowadays you can spend an easy 10k and only get a few things planted. But its always an option if you have the money once you own a house. That is one good thing about owning a house is that you can do the house project whenever you want and when your finances are good. You won’t have anyone breathing down your neck to get something done because its your house your rules.

Budgeting is something that can be hard if you want to fix up your home. With the cost of living going up every 3 days its hard to save but if you have a small house and a good reliable job you can spend a little money here and there.