Flabby Inner Thighs How to Tone

Flabby inner thighs will only get worse if you don’t do exercises on purpose to target them. If you think about it you will realize that we don’t use our inner thighs for anything they’re just sitting there doing nothing. This is the main reason why they’re flabby, so if you want to firm them up you need to do specific exercises. Inner thigh exercises aren’t hard they just need to be done consistently, which is at minimum 3 days a week, but preferably 5.

The three best ways to tone inner thighs at home are with the use of either ankle weights, resistance bands or an exercise ball. These pieces of exercise equipment aren’t expensive, so there isn’t much cost involved it’s a matter of doing more than anything. I have all three and alternate them, because each one will make the thigh muscles respond differently due to the angle muscles are worked and different positioning of the legs.

The inner thigh exercise that is most commonly used with ankle weights and resistance bands are leg scissor exercises. Leg scissors are performed while lying on the back with legs extended straight up if you can, if not, then bend knees and work up to being able to straighten them. The leg weights or bands should be on and adjusted properly at this point. Next, you begin to scissor the legs horizontally back and forth either crossing or opening and closing shoulder width apart.

Always do slow movements so as not to depend on momentum, but to instead make inner thigh muscles do all the work. Keep the small of the back pressed into the floor, which, by the way, should be padded such as thick carpet or an exercise mat underneath. Do not arch the back no matter what or you risk back injury.

Toning inner thighs with the exercise ball simply place it between thighs with legs raised squeeze ball tightly and release. It doesn’t get any easier than this ladies, so there is no excuse for not doing it.

Another excellent exercise for flabby thighs is the standing plie’ which is an exercise practiced by dancers, especially ballerina’s. The standing plie’ is done by standing with feet about a foot wider than shoulders with toes pointed outward. Begin to lower the body slowly bending knees, back is erect, shoulders pulled back and squared, as form is everything in this exercise. Stomach is tight and rib cage is lifted, go down as far as possible comfortably and back up.

A standing plie’ can be done with or without weight beginners might want to start with no weight and work their way up. Remember, go slowly down and slowly up and actually hold for a few seconds at the lowest point of the exercise.

Flabby inner thighs tone rather quickly when you’re consistent, but if you stop they will revert back to the way they were. This holds true with any part of the body, so it takes a lifetime commitment for thighs to remain toned.