Flaunt her hands with gold bangles

While every Indian woman today makes a fashion statement when she steps out. She is constantly admired for her clothes, jewellery and attitude. Amongst it all, some rituals never change. On the contrary, they grow more beautiful just like gold bangles that are passed on from one generation to the next.

With a smooth slide down a dainty wrist, these golden ‘kankan’, ‘kangana’ or gold bangles rest deliberately on an Indian woman’s hand. How beautifully it compliments those fresh smelling flowers in her hair, sometimes the bright lipstick and often the attire that goes with her ‘Bharatiya Avataar’. Gold bangles have been part of the Indian tradition for years. In fact it is often the very first gift a child receives at birth, with love from close family. It’s quaint yet true how integral a part of Indian culture and tradition, auspiciousness is!

Not only are the bare hands of a married woman considered inauspicious, but also a young girl who perhaps wishes to flaunt her bare hands is sure to be looked upon as disrespectful by senior men and women. Over the years, gold bangles have blended into Indian essential jewellery with such grandeur that the west can’t help but imitate. Tourists surfing through local bling hubs and street markets are quite taken up by a variety of different geometrically shaped bangles.

Conventional circular green glass bangles find their place in the heart of Maharashtra wedding ceremonies and in certain parts of North and South India too. The younger single girls and brides prefer to wear bright and fancy colors like pink and red as opposed to green which the middle-aged women prefer in most other areas. Dark maroon glass bangles are a common favorite.

Although artificial bangles trend the market these days, nothing substitutes the sheer brilliance of gold bangles on a wrist of any size. Jewellers all over India specialize in the craftsmanship of designing gold bangles to cater to the ever growing modernization in fashion. Be it in malls or local stores bangles are sure to be perennially on sale ranging in prices that will fit every woman’s budget.