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Flavorstone Cookware Review


It is so hard to find good reliable cookware these days. I have tried all sorts of Teflon Fry pans and cookware. And as there are so many different brands to choose from it makes it very hard.So many companies promise that there product is better than any other.

Flavorstone Cookware would look great in any household but are they what they say?
I have used one at my friends home and love the way you can cook cheese, eggs, steak and virtually anything without them sticking to it.

I have to say I was very wary as after having thrown away many other Teflon pans I had to see it for myself.

Flavorstone Products

They have the complete FlavorStone 11″ Blue Sapphire Gourmet Cookware Set

The FlavorStone 11″ Blue Sapphire Essential Cookware Set

The Flavorstone 9.5 “Deep deluxe Cookware

This Flavorstone 9.5″ Deep Deluxe Pan with Moisture Vented Lid means you could could almost anything in it. Your could create great stir fries and many other meals in this.

The Pros of Flavorstone cookware

  • The scratch free surface is also PFOA free
  • They look good and you can cook without oil.
  • Easy to clean up after cooking
  • They supply a recipe book with your order of the cookware

The cons of Flavorstone Cookware

  • Only have a 12 month warranty. I was told you can pay extra to have 2 years.
  • You can not mix and match the deals advertised on TV
  • You cannot buy a lid for the 11″fry pan even by paying more

Like everything you will hear many different thoughts about a product. If you are thinking about buying a Flavorstone Cookware set then make sure you deal with a reputable company. As there have been conflicting stories on products bought from different sources.

If you are still not decided as to which type of cookware to buy then think about other options:

You may find that Stainless Steel Cookware more suitable. There are many different brands to choose from – Some of them are Cuisinart Chefs cookware or Scanpan.

Cast iron Cookware

I love to use these especially when out camping, they are so easy to use and clean. They are virtually damage proof. To keep them looking good just wash out then oil to prevent them from going rusty.

Whichever type of cookware you choose I hope you cook great meals. I hope this flavorstone review will help you to decide on which type of cookware to buy

If you are looking for a different type of cookware then this may help Review of Scan pan and Stonedine Cookware

Flavorstone Cookware Review
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