Flea Market Madness

Thursday is the day I choose to sell at the local flea market, I have not been there in over a year. It has not changed one bit except for the price to get in, from fifthteen dollars to eighteen dollars. The road to get there has not change, getting in line at 5 AM in the morning still the same. Park your van behind some one and wait until six AM. Time to start moving, once you get in, the rush is on trying to get the right spot. Once you have setup is when the madness begins, people rush to your table to see what you are selling. If jewelry hits the table watch out everybody’s grabbing to see if it’s gold or silver. Watch the table close this is when the stealing begins. Does not take long for something to disappear, right in front of you. To many people to deal with all at once, to many hands pocketing things, and it’s hard to see them. Very hard to catch them, when they get lost in the crowd. It’s hard to prove they did it with out having someone who saw them. You cannot believe the amount of stuff that comes out there. I myself brought out a old metal coffin from the thirty’s. People were having fun with it most of the day. Person selling next to me was having a fit being close to her space. Finally sold it to a Halloween house for a prop.

Everybody has a certain collectible that they are looking for. Never fails I always have something for somebody. I always try to find different antiques and collectibles. This helps pay the way. If you have the right stuff you can make good money real fast. A lot of storage locker buyers sell at this market, I did it myself a few years back. It’s a young man’s game with deep pockets, you can find some neat stuff, if you are willing to pay. A very back breaking business emptying a medium size locker in forty-eight hours can hurt you. A business like this requires a large box truck, plus a storage locker to store all of the goods and sort though for the goodies. It’s a fun way to make money,a lot of chance taking, and gambling hoping for that big score.