Fleet Foxes – zen narrative of master Pecknold

When they in 2011 announced that they are going to issue a second album, there was little trance between the fans. Of course, there have been many causes like this. After the stunning debut followed a modest, sometimes eternal loss. The first album was in the minds and souls of young musicians collected for years, then the river called inspiration flooded the entire neighbourhood. Hard to say where Robin Pecknold goes for the inspiration, fortunately he has it quite enough, and so Fleet Foxes could have released two excellent albums. Third perhaps will be coming soon. 

Pecknold began his music career when he was fourteen, he composed a song about immigrant Sarah Jane, who had to started living as a prostitute. Six years later he founded with his classmate Skyler Skjelsetom band inspired by the atmosphere of the 60s. Pecknold composed and sang, Skjelset played the guitar solos. At that time they called themselves The Pineapples, but this idea had another group from Seattle. They changed it before the met with producer Philip Eko. He liked their musical sophistication, rich sound, but also immense texts. In 2006 they recorded  EP Fleet Foxes, which caught  attention of the local critics. In 2007, the band started to record the representative EP Sun Giant and debut album Fleet Foxes. It was a recording made from clear joy of making music in its purest form. Without poses, without trying to bang on the commercial wall, without the need to be alternative icons. Folk mixed with a big beat and gospel. Listen to their debut eleven songs means to understand that the past is timeless, the past did not die. Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Uncut, Pitchfork and Mojo has competed who does better review of them. 

It is logical that the group is moving a little further. On their second album Helplessness Blues they draw attention to themselves. Album lost his Zen dimension and moved towards the straightforward and personal testimony without riddles and allegory. There are still in the majority the acoustic instruments, besides guitar, mandolin and bass, you could hear the saxophone, violin, flute and keyboards. And this is the beauty of it. Fleet Foxes last year went through change, when their drummer left the band.  But Pecknold is still the same, only his beard became denser. And it will be crucial for the third album! 

image credit: richardford1983