Flickr Storm: An Easier Alternative Than Filtering Flickr For Free Images

If you think my previous post about 6 Surprisingly Easy Steps To Filter Flickr To Download Free Images is helpful, there is another site I want to share that offers an even easier approach to look for free photographs on the Internet.

I accidentally discovered Flickr Storm when I was desperately looking for ways to download images from Flickr. In Flickr Storm, all images link back to Flickr. You can select the right type of Creative-Commons license before searching for a photograph. Let me give you a quick run through using “abstract photography” as an example.

How To Pull Up Creative-Commons Images on Flickr Storm

1. Go to , Click “Advanced” underneath the search field;

(source: landing page)

2. Click the pull down menu, choose which Creative-Commons license you need (I recommend Share Alike license if you do not intend to modify the image);
3. On the search field type in “abstract photography”, and click Search;
4. Click the image located at the 1st row x 2rd column;

Flickr Storm Image Details5. Hovering your mouse over the license beneath the image shows a Share-Alike Creative-Commons license type; If satisfied with the image it can easily be downloaded by clicking “Download” on the left hand side.

Compared to Flicker, Flicker Storm requires lesser steps to search for the most appropriate image for your work. Simply choose the license type and put in the search word or phrase, and you are good to go! There is another task to complete after downloading; you are required to attribute the image properly. In doing so, remember these important details:

1. Cite the original creator;
2. Title of work;
3. URL link of image;
4. Indicate type of Creative-Commons license and provide a link to the license; and
5. Any other copyright notice or specific instructions associated with the work.

For example:
“ Bauhaus / 20060606.10D.39702 / SML ” by See-ming Lee is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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