Flower Arranging Ideas

All of us at some time have seen fabulous floral arrangements either at an event or even at someone’s home and envied the arrangers ability. This is a skill that can quite easily be learned to make beautiful flower arrangements and decorations for your own home. If flower arranging is something you have a knack for and you enjoy doing it, you might even be able to make it a career or at least an additional income source.

The chances are that the reason you would like to become skilled at making floral arrangements is simply for your own enjoyment and to be able to make attractive flower decorations for your home. Maybe you are lucky enough to often receive gifts of bouquets of flowers and would like your bouquets to look as good on display in a vase as they do when they are delivered. Or perhaps you are a keen flower gardener and would like to bring some pretty blooms inside to brighten up your indoor spaces.

Choose Your Vases or Containers With Care

It is a good idea to have a selection of different styles, shapes, sizes and colors of vases available to arrange different flowers. A large bouquet of tall elegant flowers requires a completely different vase to a pretty, small posy. Make sure the container you use is heavy and stable enough so that it will not easily be knocked over – especially if there are children or pets around.

Of course it isn’t necessary to have a lot of expensive and possibly fragile vases. Virtually any container can be used for flower arrangements and if you use dampened florists foam, often called oasis because of its ability to hold water, as a basis for the arrangement, the flowers do not even need to stand in water. An attractive rustic decoration can be made by using a basket or trug, lined with some polythene on which you secure a block of oasis then push the stems of an assortment of wild or garden grown leaves and flowers into it.

Keep Your Flower Arrangements Simple for Maximum Impact

The traditional and simple vase arrangement would consist of some ferns or green leaves as the tallest items at the rear of the flowers and then blooms of various lengths graduating from the tallest at the back to the shortest at the front. This is best if the arrangement is to stand against a wall or in a corner where it can only be viewed from the front. Don’t be afraid to trim the bottom of stems so that the individual blooms sit more attractively in the arrangement – it is a good idea to trim a small amount off all the stems of a bouquet that has been delivered to you as it helps the flowers to last longer.

If you have a ready supply of flowers and greenery from your garden there is no reason not to experiment and try out different types of arrangement. You will soon learn what design you find the most pleasing and what looks attractive in your home.