Flower Tattoo Designs

Tattoos in floral designs

Flowers most definitely describe the emotions and dream of a girl, and when a girl wants to get a tattoo done, she almost always prefers a flower tattoo design over anything else.

A girl has never looked more beautiful than in the presence of flowers. Whether in the Victorian age when women used to embellish themselves with extravagant flower arrangements or the early twentieth century when the intricate but subtle flower arrangement in the dresses of women made them look all the more beautiful and appealing. Even though time has progressed and times have changed, girls still look their prettiest when they are with flowers. And in the days of robust self expression, girls of all ages are going for tattoos in floral designs.

What makes flower patterns such a rage in tattoo industry is the fact that you can do anything with it, and you can put it anywhere. This is one design that you will never regret choosing to be placed on your body. Flowers and their colors are not just varied in nature, but also that you can create your own designs and incorporate your own colors. A rose may not be black in regular days, but you can flaunt a black rose on your body.

Deciding on the design of the tattoo is very difficult, for you know that this is one thing that you will have to live with. You might as well compare the decision of getting a bad tattoo with a bad marriage. You can get your way out of both, but only with serious troubles and even then the marks are not completely removed. The process of removing a tattoo is both more painful and time consuming than getting one, and also takes more money for it is a process of completely undoing an intricate work of art. So, whenever you decide to get a tattoo, choose wisely and only after you have read thoroughly about the few types of designs that you want to narrow down upon.

When you have decided that you want to let free of the soul of complete girl in yourself, you should choose a flower design that suits you best. For detailed research on this decision, you can visit a couple of tattoo parlors where you can ask the professional tattoo artist what designs they have to offer. It is not mandatory that you will have to get the exact design that they have in their catalogues. The trick behind getting a great tattoo is actually in incorporating your own ideas with the tattoo design that you see in a catalogue. You do not have to be an artist to give your special touch. You could include the initials of your name in the pattern matching with the one that you have chosen. Your tattoo artist will do that for you.

Rose tattoo design

As for flower designs, a rose lives forever. This is a design that has a deep symbolical meaning. Rose means love, rose means life, rose means female, rose means the contrast of happiness with thorns of pain – rose means so much that for hundreds of thousands of years, it is still the most loved flower all over the world. For centuries, roses have been associated with more than just one emotion of meaning. If you want to express yourself for love, a rose for you. If you are the perfect girly girl who believes in her own rosy dreams of love and perfect happiness, a rose is for you as well. You may be someone completely different – having faced the harsh realities of life where you know that there is no good without the bad in this world. A rose then perfectly describes your point of view. With the perfect cooperation of petals and thorns, a rose gives you the view of a life that is not a bed of roses. A rose shackled in thorns is a popular Goth tattoo design. Even the famous designer line of Ed Hardy uses a combination of rose with heart and skull as the logo of the brand. So you know actually how powerful the rose is!

Some definite body places where you can go for a great flower tattoo would be:

Neck – The area covering the collar bones and the joint of the hand with the torso – that is a great place to have your flower tattoo. Whether a rose or a daisy or a flower of your own imagination, this is one place on the body of the female that attracts the most sly glances. The neck of a dress or t-shirt gives a little glimpse of the sensuous flower, and keeps them asking for more. Remember the tattoo scene from A Walk To Remember? It has a similar effect on boys as it had on the hero there!

Wrist – These days girls are not really as vulnerable as they used to be even a century ago. Now they are getting education, working and living a life that they want to. And a flower tattoo on the wrist combines perfectly the combination of power and sensuousness. Women know how to maintain the soft desirability with the strong individuality. A black or blue rose or a red daisy on the wrist might surprise your colleagues when the flower peeps out of your shirt sleeves.

Lower waist – Is there anything more attractive than a flower tattoo playing hide and seek from beneath the jeans border or skirt waist? I’m sure you agree with me that it is the ultimate place that any woman would want to have an intricate flower tattooed on.

Ankle – You can tattoo a plain ankle bank, or you can tattoo a flower just by the side of the heels. Ankle bands are the rage in the accessory industry these days. Even celebrities are getting tattoos on their ankles and heels. What makes this location a hot favorite among women in that stilettos or plain slippers, a flower on the ankle goes with absolutely anything. Even when you are wearing your jogging shoes or sneakers, you know that you have that little secret at your disposal that knows who you are, and you can reveal it as and when you wish to!

Flower tattoo designs are plenty even on internet and tattoo parlors. So choose the one that suits you best and flaunt it with attitude.

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