Flying Model Rockets as a Hobby

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Why Fly Model Rockets as a Hobby?

If you’ve ever been captured by the majesty of flight or marveled at the triumphs of engineering and human perseverance that first put us on the moon, you may well enjoy flying model rockets as a hobby. There are a number of aspects to this unique and exciting hobby that recommend it as a great way to spend time with your friends, your children, or to simply enjoy learning a new skill set and enjoying the wonders of rocketry at your own pace. Model rockets are surprisingly inexpensive to get into – once you make an initial investment in essential equipment like the launch pad, the ignition controller, and a reasonable stock of expendable essentials like recovery wadding, model rocket engines and parachute materials in the event that you need to make some repairs.

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If you are interested in getting into flying model rockets as a hobby, but you want a brief rundown on the tasks and costs involved, here are some important pointers to give you an idea of what you will require:

Constant Expenses of Flying Model Rockets:

There are a number of expendable elements that go into each and every successful model rocket flight. These must be replaced each time you recover your rocket and prepare it for the next flight. Expendable model rocket materials include the model rocket engines themselves, since each engine grants you one flight, as well as recovery wadding, which is a thick, flame-retardant tissue that must be packed into the rocket’s fuselage before lift-off to protect your parachute from the intensively hot engine exhaust. Other important expendable model rocket components include fuses, which are one-use-per-flight items as well, in addition to the disposable batteries that power your ignition controller. The large jolt of electricity required to ignite the fuses and therefore commence the lift-off sequence can quickly drain the batteries in your controller.

What is Special About Flying Model Rockets as a Hobby?

If you’re looking for a great way to drum up your child’s interest in science, flying model rockets together is a perfect introduction that is hands-on and quite exciting. Your child will enjoy assembling the rocket with you, preparing and decorating it and labeling it with special decals, and packing it up with recovery wadding, a fresh engine, and the ignition equipment to commence a new flight.

The thrill of seeing your own hand-assembling model rocket ascend to altitudes of over 1,000 feet in a matter of seconds can be enough to hook you and your child on this fascinating hobby for many years. As your skills improve and you master the basics of model rocket flight, you can begin branching out into specialty model rockets, such as those that take aerial photographs from high altitudes and or those special model rockets that dispatch small helicopter units that rotate down to the earth in a dazzling display of aeronautical engineering.

Most importantly, the positive experience you have flying model rockets together can form the base for great parent – child bonding.

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