Focus On the Caterpillar Engine and Handy Tips for Owners


Caterpillar engines are the bees’ knees of engine technology all over the world especially when it comes to reliability, durability and sheer power. The wonderful caterpillar story starts off in the years 1858 – 1913 with the man called Rudolph Diesel. Over the years the company has come to be known for its involvement in the production of cars, engines, generators, and even insurance and financial products. But one thing has remained its mark of distinction, the Caterpillar engine.

The Caterpillar Engine

The caterpillar engines are a common feature and you will often find it at construction sites and along the highways with the distinct ‘CAT’ Logo and a small triangle located just below the letter ‘A’. The company also produces Caterpillar Marine Engines which are very popular with sailors, fishermen and other entities that have seagoing vessels.

All the engines are covered in yellow painting which is a CAT trademark and owners of such engines are strongly advised to seek genuine CAT parts and authorized services when seeking maintenance services or repairs. There are numerous dealers who are certified agents of Caterpillar around the Globe and it’s very easy to locate them online.

Word of Caution

It is important to ensure that the dealer you are dealing with is indeed legit and this is a very easy exercise especially if you know where to look. After making your list of options of dealers who are accessible to you, you can then proceed to do a background check on each and every one of them. The first part of this research can be simply googling the names of the companies and checking out the kind of entries that come up. After that you can stop at the Better Business Bureau where a record is kept of all the complaints made against businesses. If any have been lodged against any of your prospects then you will find it out. After that you need to perform a search for the reviews that are put up online in respect of every business by its clients.

After going through his information you will be in a better position to eliminate the bad options and approach the right dealers. The CAT engine is guaranteed to serve you for eons with the same level of efficiency that has made it a darling across industries.