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Follow these and spare yourself from the next visit of the Dentist!

Finally you got your Root canal Treatment in Thailand done with the help of a very good and cooperative doctor. This doesn’t make you forget everything that happened. There are few things that you should keep in mind. Change your lifestyle a bit. In the beginning you might face problem in following it but gradually you will become used to it. Few are the tips that are required to be followed after you get your root canal treatment done and rest are those that should be kept in mind life long.

Avoid crunchy food.
Avoid hard and crunchy food items that can hurt your tooth. Past few days undoubtedly were hard on you. You experienced a lot of things but to ensure that they doesn’t happen to you again avoid eating junk food in the beginning. For few days stop listening to your taste buds and treat them with liquid diet
Chances of getting your gums Swelled
At times it happens that your gums get swelled after the treatment. There is nothing to worry about; it is not exactly natural but nothing unusual. Just treat them with a pack of ice, sooner or later swelling will go away.

Intake of proper medicines
This happens with a lot of people that the moment they feel better they stop their medicines. Don’t do this. As abrupt ending of medicines can make your pain come back to you. Halt the course only when your dentist gives permission to do that.

Use other side of your mouth
Chew your food from the exactly opposite side as the tooth which is recently treated may not be able to handle that much of pressure on it which could result in another visit to the dentist.
Smoking is not at all recommended!
Abandon yourself from cigarettes. Further they are better your tooth will remain. It is recommended by almost every dentist that smoking shouldn’t be done for the next 24 hours.

Avoid alcohol
Any beverage which is having alcohol content in it is strictly prohibited. They hinder the process of healing the tissues. It is better that you abhor alcohol for short period of time.
Warm water and salt
Rinsing your mouth in short intervals with warm water and salt will make your gums feel much better. As salt has an anti-bacterial properties that changes the ph level of the mouth.

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