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Follow These Tips If You Want To Avoid Flight Delays in UK


Flying on airlines has traditionally been the most popular way to travel. Long seasoned veterans of the air-plane adventures will tell you flight delays are part and parcel of flying and have generally been accepted as a known devil among those regularly jetting off across the globe.

Fact of the matter is, an EU airline delay can be easily avoided and is all dependent on the times you pick to fly and strategically choosing which airports to fly in and out of. With regards to flight delay, UK is one country where the simple steps can help prevent a perfect holiday being spent in an airport, Ofcourse even we get flight delay compensation also we need to follow some tips to make our journey without delay.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before booking your next airline flight to avoid flight delay.

1. Delays are far more likely on a Friday evening as there are a large number of flights being scheduled to take off at that time. Choose to fly on Saturday mornings or over the weekend to lower your chances of a delayed flight.

2. As the day progresses, the chances of being on a flight that gets delayed increases, as most crews are waiting for more flights to arrive from other locations.

3. Saturdays are a great day to fly as there are fewer flights, which significantly decrease the chances of you facing a delayed flight.

4. Select your airport carefully. When the time comes to picking your route, consider if the airport you are departing from is a major carrier’s hub. Airports like Chicago O’ Hare are hubs for major airlines such as United Airlines and hence tend to have a lot more delays compared to other airports. Airports such as Portland’s International Airport holds the record for the most regular flights and are not hubs for any large airlines.

5. In a study designed to measure EU airline delays, Fridays was the day the most airlines were delayed with 29.47% of flights being delayed, whereas Saturdays saw the fewest with 18.11%.

6. Before taking off for the airport, simple precautionary steps like calling up the airline or airport to check if your flight is on time is recommended. Usually, serious delays are known well ahead by the airline and can save you time and money by staying home.

7. If given the chance, pick the first flight of the day as most delays get worse as the day goes on. Ensure it is the first flight of a route compared to connecting flights as now you’re dependent on when the plane arrives from another destination which could get delayed.

8. If multiple airlines are travelling to your destination, do your research on each airline’s reliability and track record and make your decision accordingly.

9. Check what your travel insurance policy’s takes are on flight delays and cancellations. If your travel insurance is inadequate you might end up missing your trip or stuck in competition with other delayed passengers buying an expensive ticket home.

Follow These Tips If You Want To Avoid Flight Delays in UK
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