FOOD Gardening By Master Gardener Phil Duke Ph.D.

FOOD Gardening is enjoying a comeback as increasingly large numbers of people realize just how beneficial gardening is. Gardening is good for the body, the mind, the soul, and the pocketbook. You can garden most anywhere; the only requirement is at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. For those not familiar with the details of gardening, there are many sources of information. I have been gardening for many years, I am a Master Gardener, and I have written a book designed to help both new and experienced gardeners.

In my ebook FOOD Gardening Theory and Practice are presented separately, in clear easy to understand language. There are separate sections on growing cold tolerant and heat loving vegetables. Soybeans are an underutilized food resource, and I tell how to raise and cook them, with recipes. My email address is in the ebook, and if you have any gardening questions, please contact me, I always like to hear from readers, and your emails will be replied to promptly.

FOOD Gardening By Master Gardener Phil Duke Ph.D. only $2.99

Food from the garden has the very best taste, and maximum nutrition (don’t forget to take a little salt with you)., and does not have any harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other kind of cides. Such chemicals are not necessary using the proper garden growing methods.

Energy conservation is becoming increasingly important, and food gardening saves energy. Food grown in the garden does NOT require transportation to the retail store, it does NOT require costly refrigeration until purchase. Just pick it fully ripe in the garden, take it home and eat it. Or if you want eat it in the garden.Again, don’t forget to take a little salt along.

And last but not least, communing with Mother nature in the garden is one of life’s most fulfilling and satisfying activities. Everyone benefits from it. has a 7 day Free return policy on all ebooks. Just purchase this one for only $2.99, read it for up to 7 days, and then if you want just return it without charge.

Read FOOD Gardening. Grow FOOD in the Garden with the aid of FOOD Gardening.