Food Grade Mylar Bags

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If you want to store food for the long term, food grade mylar bags are what you need. If you’re buying food in bulk, you probably need to store at least some of the food. Mylar bags might become a crucial part of your storage system, if you would choose to store food in them. There are a few pieces of information about mylar bags that you should know, especially if you haven’t used them in the past.

Advantages of food grade mylar bags

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Mylar bags are designed to protect their content against oxygen, moisture and (partly) vermin. Because of that, they are perfect for long-term food storage. They are heat sealed – you can easily seal them using a normal clothes iron. Some of those bags even have a ziplock, so it’s extra-easy to open and close them numerous times. Of course there a many different sizes of bags available, so you can choose accordingly to your needs. Please note that you can’t fill the bag to the top, because you need some material to make the seal. It’s always better to buy a larger, than a too small one. You can always trim off some material after sealing the bag.

What to look for when buying food grade mylar bags

You shouldn’t be able to see through the mylar bug. If you can, there is a possibility that the food inside can be affected by light. When you’re choosing a mylar bag, look for the thicker ones (compare thickness between one another). Thicker ones are less likely to have micro holes that might allow air inside the bag. When you are buying food grade mylar bags on the Internet, check out shipment details and make sure the bags are safely packed.

What accessories do you need to store food in mylar bags

Storing food in mylar bags is quite simple, but you need a few additional accessories to make it most effective. First thing that you probably need is a moisture absorber. You should put it on the bottom of the bag. If there is any moist in the food that is going to be stored, it will be easily absorbed by this item. Please note – it’s important to put moisture absorber on the bottom of the bag, not on the top.

Another item that’s very useful is an oxygen absorber. It should be put into the bag, when all the food is already in there. Right after placing the absorber in the bag you should seal the mylar bag tightly. If the bag is sealed properly, all air from the bag should be absorbed within several hours. Please note that you should allow as little air to remain in the bag while sealing it as possible. The amounts and kinds of oxygen and moisture absorbers should be chosen accordingly to the food you’re storing.

To make storing food for long term more convenient it’s probably the best to put the mylar bag into a plastic bucket (make sure to place the bag inside the bucket before putting the food inside the bad). That way it’s easy to put something else on it (maybe another bucket with mylar bag in it?). The bucket also protects the bag from any punctures, vermin and any other damage. You can choose from different kinds of buckets, e.g. with lids with clamps on them.

One last piece of advice: remember to write the packaging date and the description of the food on the sealed bag, or on the bucket. Make sure that the description will last for a long time (you can use a permanent marker). As you can see, when it comes to food grade mylar bags, there are a few things worth considering.

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