Food Photography Tips

Food photography is probably a very niche genre. Everyone probably likes to take photo of their foods but how do you take good food photos ? Here are some basic guides to improve your food photography whether you are using a DSLR or mobile phone.

Lighting for food

The best form of lighting for food photography would be back lighting. If you do not know what is backlight, it would be photography your food against your source of light. This kind of lighting generally make your foods pop out. Choose a large window with diffused lights ,eg with curtain or tracing paper. Have some front light source such as white cardboard to fill and cancel out any hard shadows from the backlight.

Food styling

Every food photographer will definitely agree that styling would be one of the most important aspect in food photography. An experienced food stylist may cost thousands per day. To start of you will need to improve on your garnishing. Decorative garnishing such as mint leaves, chilies, onions should not be overcooked so the color would be retained.

Background and props

Background is a very important aspect of food photography. Generally I like to use light colored and low contrast wood or tablet for background purpose. This will not divert your viewers attention away from the food. Picnic wood tablet does look good on some western foods. Use your imagination and creativity.


Be creative and play around with colors. Contrast of colors on the color tablet works very well. Always try to balance out colors of your foods. For example , if you have foods with too much red, you can place some green garnishing or some raw ingredient on the backgrounds to balance out the red color

The author is the owner of with years of experience in food photography