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5 Foods that are Bad for Your Brain

The Brain is one of the organs in the body that replenishes over the course of ones lifetime. Taking care of the brain is one of the initiatives that one should consider by watching their lifestyle and their general health fitness.

A sneak overview of how our brain works can lay a foundation for our topic. Every animal you see on the planet earth has a brain. These include mammals, reptiles, and fish amphibians, however; the unique of all mammals- the man has a super brain. The brain is quite sensitive to the environment you stay in, foods you eat, brain injuries you incur changes on the body like skin aging or even pain. However, the brain is largely affected by what we feed on. It is important to know the foods that are damaging to the brain, but before that let’s understand the brain itself.

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How our brains work

The brain performs an incredible task, which includes controls the body temperature, blood pressure heart rate, and breathing. It also records information about the world around you from the various senses (smelling, tasting, hearing, sensing and touching). It handles our physical movement, allows us to think the dream, reason and experience the emotions. In short, it is a major control network for the body’s functions and abilities. The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons that have the ability to gather and transmit all the coded information

The brain is divided into sections, which contain the cerebrums, which is the largest part of the brain responsible for our memory speech, senses, emotional response, with sub-division known as lobes, which handles a specific segment of the cerebrum jobs. The brain is well protected by layers of defenses, which involves bones of the skull meninges series of sturdy membranes, and fluid cushions it. In spite of the protection accorded, the brain suffers damage, diseased or malfunction, which includes cancer, physical injuries such as skull fractures, and blood vessels rupture in supplies of blood.

Understanding Foods That Harm the Brain

Having understood how our brain is structured let us consider how we affect our brain with the kind of foods eaten. These foods taste delicious in our mouth but harmful to our brain. These foods are also attributed to the kind of lifestyle we adopt. Food is anything that we take into our bodies whether nutritious or not.

Some Foods that Hurt Your Brain

When it comes to nutrition, some foods are known to have a devastating effect on our brain functioning and should be consumed moderately to limit their negative impact. The top food that kills our intelligence includes;

Are sugary foods bad for your brain?

Sweet, tasty, names all the words that can coat the sugary foods cakes, sweets, sodas, they are your brain enemy, and they interfere with your memory, ability to learn and a wealth of neurological problems.

What happens to your brain when you drink alcohol

It is known for its long-term effect on the liver, to your best information, it causes brain fog that refers to a feel of mental confusion, acts as a cloud that affects your thinking as well as your memory. High intake of alcohol has an impact on your brain balance. Fortunately, these symptoms are reversible in accord to stop the intake or limit the consumption

How Your Morning Coffee Affects your Brain

Do you miss that aroma of the coffee and tea, in that time of cold, but to your surprise it has a negative impact on the on your brain, the toxic caffeine slows your brain down?

Cognitive Functioning and Junk Food

The junk food can change chemicals in the brains thus leading to depression and anxiety. Foods with high fats affect the production of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that promotes happiness and overall feeling of wellbeing. Also, it helps in cognitive function, learning capacity, alertness motivation, and memory.

Precooked or processed foods

They slowly destroy the nerve cells, thus have an impact on the central nervous system and increases the chances of developing a degenerative brain disorder.

Very salty foods Can Make You Slow

Salty foods not only affect our blood pressure and hard on our hearts but also have a great impact on our cognitive function and impair our ability to think. Salty foods affect our intelligence!

Grain Can Leave Your Brain in a Fog

Grains are known to have an impact on your brain health, however, consumption of regular grains the body tends to have skin aging and experience memory loss and brain fog. Intake of 100% wholemeal grains is the best for your meal


Our lifestyle fitness and maintaining a healthy body through good food and exercises helps to balance and keep our brain active. Indulging in the foods mentioned above only leads to brain cancers and poor brain performance. These can be overcome by choosing wisely what you feed on and getting involved in physical exercises, brain pops, and proper sleep.

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