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Foot prints of a Terrorist

The path of a Terrorist is not difficult to trace. Jus look for death and destruction of people and property. When I speak of a terrorist I am not speaking of any person are group outside of the United States. I am reading the history of Colonization and calling role on all of the parties involved. The visual and printed defines what a terrorist is and where they are located. However I am under the impression they are paid to keep the cattle in fear. The path of Terrorist was discovered quite by accident. I was in search of any other people who had received the same mistreatment as Blacks over a long period of time. Alas I could not find a single one, but what I did find is a history of Continuous brutality, disease, death and cultural disruption.

During the Colonization period, starting with The Spanish. Upon their arrival they wipe out millions not with gun or brutality but with disease. The Conquistadors had such an appetite for gold; they in some case slaughtered thousand in a matter of hours. This placed the indigenous in a state of terror. The Spanish Chained the Indigenous people together by the neck to ensure they would work the mines and not run away, if they dropped from fatigue their hand were chopped off or they were decapitated if chained by the neck. They destroyed the written material and replaced it with their material and the Manual For Human Control otherwise known as the Holy Bible. The Spanish and the Portuguese were given permission for this physical and mental abuse by the Pope in something called the Papal Bull. This Bull gave them the authority to reduce any people to a state of servitude and convert them to Christianity. Now, it is not well know that no women were on these voyages to the Americas, so the Conquistadors took women form the indigenous tribes, literally. There are several instances were The Conquistadors lined the Indigenous women in single file and took the pregnant one and tied them to a tree and stripped them naked, took a sword and cut the babies out of their stomach and crushed the head of the babies in front on the men held at the point of swords. This had to have penetrated the psyche of the indigenous and cause fear until they were either wiped completely or waged war to the death with the colonist.

After their encounter with the Spanish came the French. The French were interested in trade so unlike the Spanish they started a program of Integration, were French men were sent to live with indigenous people and learn their ways thereby creating a hybrid and a better trading partner. The trade at this time was beaver and Europe needed it because up to this point Russian dominated this trade and it was expensive. A study of Merchants and Traders contribute to this writers understanding of what happen during this period. And it appears that it was always the “savage” causing the problem according to the scholars. The probability of the Indigenous always at fault is extremely slim if not non-existent. The French taught the indigenous how to scalp and offered in many cases offered 100 dollars for male scalp and 50 for women and children.

The Spanish and the French were brutal and it is a wonder that people were still hear when the English arrived and played the French and Spanish against one another and cast out the Dutch who were more interested in trade their atrocities were elsewhere in the world under the Dutch Trading Company. The main object of this paper is to show with absolute certainty that after one thousand years of cruelty among themselves it was natural for them to display this sort of torture on any person they encountered.
What The English did to the indigenous was no different from the French or the Spanish with few exceptions. There were Englishmen who settled with the indigenous because they were treated better and this is rarely mentioned. They similar to France and Spain did not bring any women with them so they to took (literally) from the indigenous. They took and continued to take land with the assistance of the government. The Military was use to help slaughter the Buffalo the main source to survival for the indigenous people. The English brought disease with them also; they made an important discovery during this time period. That the blankets use by people dying of measles and smallpox could be used to eliminate the indigenous people and they use it, today it would be termed germ warfare. Next the indigenous were forced onto reservation. You know, the worst land not suited for agriculture and to waited for government issued beef that was to be delivered by the United States Army. This commodity was often stolen or sold for profit leaving the indigenous to starve. Nearly every treaty made with the United States was broken. This brings us to the black people who would become the source of wealth for Colonial power.

Yet, they would live and continue to live in abject poverty and laws were made restricting every aspect of their lives eliminating any possibility of progress. History does not elaborate on whether the first 20 Negars were indenture servants or free. But it is crystal clear by the second generation, Englishmen had started to identify themselves as white and creating an exclusive club “whites only” and any non-white was to serve the members. Even to this day this is so ingrained into the psyche of many Whites world wide they can not imagine forced servitude yet it did happen many times, matter of fact the very word slave is derived from Slavic who were enslaved. The members of the exclusive club use the Manual For Human Control to justify their treatment of non-white people. There is documented proof concerning the lynching of Black men, women and children For over 30 years without any legislation for eliminating this crime, and it was due in part of the strangle hold the Southern Segregationists had on the Government for a full one hundred years after the Emancipation Proclaims. There were governmental restrains on Black people to keep them one step away from slavery. The triple K boys led by a vicious lethal Confederate general were a main component of this legalized terrorism. Any person who speaking of terror outside of the United States without seeing this recorded terror is either sight impaired or does not understand the definition of Terror.

In conclusion, this writer is convinced that it was easy to infect Black men with syphilis as an experiment in Tuskegee and direct massive amounts of money to fund research to continue on this destructive path of the Black community.

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