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Personal Relationships For every couple this is My Special Notice

For every couple this is My Special Notice



For every couple, this is My Special Notice

For every couple this is My Special Notice

After a while of dating or living with a person, you reach a point at which the novelty and creativity begin to wane and sources to keep the flame alive are depleted.

In most cases, the excitement of being with that person becomes less obvious and will gradually succumbing to the routine.

Many couples who have years together begin to feel a different kind of love, some categorized as brotherly love, which can be crucial for romantic and sexual intimate partner because obviously nobody has a desire to make love to his brother or sister.

The most common behavior is to reach a level of ‘comfort’ and feel that they need do nothing for the couple to be attracted and conquered, and this is perhaps one of the major causes that countless relationships deteriorated finish and mired in apathy.

The common people feel that when they manage to conquer the partner, for instance when they live together and form a family, and the game is over and sits back thinking they do not need to do anything more, these same people then do not understand why your partner let him or because their relationship is not working. So tip number one for you is:

Do not get comfortable. Do not take your relationship for granted because while you take it well, you’re digging the hole where boredom and apathy take leading role and can destroy your life partner.

Many people believe that to have found their ideal partner and having conquered ready, you no longer need to flatter or to surprise and even neglect themselves.

There is always a way to light the flame in the relationship is always comforting to do something to keep the suspense and curiosity of another, sit back and think that your partner does not need your attention and detail is the way how to get back to be unattached.

Your partner is not your brother or sister. Yes, it’s wonderful when in relation to part of feeling sexual attraction and duties to fulfill can feel that trust and freedom to be who we are, but never to confuse this feeling with that we feel for our brothers and sisters, it is harmful lead that feeling to marital level, there are couples who reach the point of living as ‘brothers’, then the relationship really becomes another type of interaction losing the magic of what it is to live as a couple.

Be yourself. A relationship must contain all the ingredients and, of course, we can be who we are is the most important because from there we can develop further, trust and complicity is necessary because it allows us to recognize that we play for the same team and we know what we expect from our partner, the playfulness and intimacy of sharing secrets known only our partner makes strong links are created by opening the possibilities to expand our limits of emotional dependence. The more we know ourselves much more we can know and respect your partner.

Cultivate friendship. A good relationship is also an eternal friendship between you seek friendship and loyalty are a rule to follow since it helps nurture trust and communication.

If you can talk with your partner around then there are good indications that the relationship will be lasting and stable. If you are still not good friends then begin to open that possibility and take their relationship to even deeper level, bring to float their emotional intelligence.

Feel the love and love our partner. Love makes us commit many follies and take extreme risks, and it is love that makes us also have the courage to be who we really are and fight for what we want and what we love greatly.

Ponte to wonder if you’ve done something for love and think if you do that same without the great impulse that gave you being in love.

Make your heart beat by your partner. Try to keep the state of excitement you had at the beginning of your relationship, do not let them lose because if you do not already excited to wait for their returns, their calls or seeing, then maybe something is changing among you.

For every couple this is My Special Notice

Gustavo and even after so many years together we felt like our first date, only calmer about it (lol), love is intact even it is increasingly clear and huge, my heart leaps with excitement every time he returns to I hear house and rang the door, we are attentive to the other, looking surprised and we complement each other perfectly.

Sometimes I wondered if all those living in a couple feel that way because that feeling is wonderful and the most wonderful is when it is reciprocal.

He lives in harmony. If you live in harmony and you look mostly on the positive things in your life in order to expand them in your experience, then you are leaving your heart work.

If you feel your relationship is insipid, who have lost so much time criticizing or abhorred, choosing to fight instead of talk, no longer they feel physically attracted or emotionally, who prefer to be away most of the time, already no emotion or need to see or get creative, then it is urgent to do something, whatever it is, make a decision that favors both, stop wasting time and take action to save or to rebuild their lives separately, because to be honest, if a relationship does not work! It will not operate with a miracle! since the provision of both is needed, both love and passion of both.

Recently Gustavo, commenting our projects with some acquaintances in the office, he argued that we will soon finally begin to work together and take things that allow us to spend more time together, to which one of those presents said: But you’ll be all the time with your wife. Gustavo just went along saying, Oh had not thought how terrible it will be !. Some people just do not want to be with your partner, so be it, and that makes it increasingly society is more full of unhappy people and failed marriages. How about you set yourself?

Everything Changes. If you are someone who you think you are already saved because you found your partner or because you did it already married and you’re getting comfortable, then wake up because that is the wrong behavior, now you desperate and should strive both to maintain that spark that brought them together that beautiful day when they met.

Never take everything for granted, much less relationship for you, because things always change, just as you do, the environment and life, so does your partner, keep communicating ALWAYS a day.

Use your creativity. Get creative, be original, be unique and becomes a habit of showing the love you feel for your partner without words is the most extraordinary way of letting him know that you love him you value, consider him unique and special for you.

Sometimes words take the wind but you do and prove your partner with facts is far more meaningful and memorable.

When was the last time you shock the partner? And she to you?! Do not expect more!

Time to be eternal sweethearts. Plan your week and have a day or two to yourselves, and be a couple of hours where you can be alone and be engaged again not to discuss problems at home or accounts payable or school meetings, NO! to devote time for you to pamper yourself, love yourself, talk about dreams, as they did when they were knowing, if they make this a practice in your lives, tell you again elevate passion, complicity and happiness in their married life. There are no excuses.

Contribute to the future. Educate your children to do that also in their own lives in the future and can understand why you want to be alone from time to time, they will understand and eventually appreciate it.

! It is so pleasant to live love life that I wish everyone!

For every couple this is My Special Notice
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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